Marketing Gets Editorial at Open Road and The Atavist

The next phase of discoverability? Editorial content.

Publishers Open Road Media and The Atavist take an editorial lens to their marketing efforts, according to representatives from the companies speaking at the paidContent Live conference in New York today.

“We have an editorial focus on our marketing staff,” said Rachel Chou, chief marketing officer at New York-based digital publisher Open Road.

Open Road creates videos, blog posts and other editorial content that it syndicates through Twitter, Facebook and other social media. The company also works with the editorial efforts of its retail partners like Kindle and Nook.

“We create content that can get shared on Amazon blogs and social feeds,” said Chou. “It goes beyond the storefront.”

At the short-form ebook publisher The Atavist, snippets of animation, videos and other “shareable” features are pulled out of works and used to promote. The idea is that if readers like the editorial content they get for free, they might be more interested in buying the stuff that isn’t free.

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Owning the List

Sourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah was also on the panel and shared that Sourcebooks is now interested in owning the entire catalog of any one author because it now is building integrated marketing plans that promote the author’s whole list rather than just upcoming titles.

“It used to be the case that you might do your first book with Little, Brown, your next book with HarperCollins, and then your next book with Sourcebooks,” she said. “Because of the way we’re doing marketing across the list for an author, we are interested in having the author’s full works.”

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