Major Book-Focused Social Network Now Sells Ebooks

thereadingroomBefore you get too excited, it’s not Goodreads, the leading book-focused social network with over 12 million members, though there has been speculation that this year Goodreads will begin to sell ebooks.
The Reading Room is now selling ebooks. The social network-slash-book-discovery site has about half-a-million members and is now selling ebooks with a catalog of about a half-a-million titles from over 180 publishers, including all of the major U.S. publishing houses.
The ebook retail space is still wide open to innovation and new competition. In the recent past, we’ve seen the launch of the long-anticipated Bookish, which intends to lure new readers to its site through content and partnerships, the upstart Zola, which is hinging its hopes on a network of book influencers and exclusive content, Bookateria, an ebook discovery project from Random House and Publishers Marketplace and, now, a social network selling ebooks.
While the former two intend on building relationships with readers from scratch, the latter two are just putting a store in where the readers already are (to be fair, Bookateria doesn’t sell ebooks at this point).
Which strategy do you think is more likely to succeed?

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