Macmillan’s Ebook Backlist Available to Libraries

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Macmillan Publishers Opens Entire eBook Backlist Catalog to Public Libraries via Axis 360

– Thousands of digital titles to be available for the very first time for library circulation –

CHARLOTTE, N.C., October 18, 2013 – Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of digital and physical books and entertainment products, today announced that Macmillan’s entire ebook backlist catalog of more than 11,000 ebooks are being made available to all public libraries using the Axis 360 digital media platform.

In early 2013, Macmillan started a public library elending pilot program with a select group of backlist ebooks from its Minotaur Books mystery and crime fiction imprint. Now, in addition to the current inventory of romance titles and thrillers from Minotaur books, public library patrons can enjoy best-selling, classic and high-demand titles from all Macmillan imprints such as Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Henry Holt, Macmillan Children’s, St. Martin’s Press and Tor. Newly available titles from Macmillan will be added as they become eligible for sale on a monthly basis.

“We are excited patrons will now have access to even more of Macmillan’s ebook catalog to borrow and enjoy,” said George Coe, President of Baker & Taylor’s Library & Education division. “Baker & Taylor is committed to working with our publishing partners to provide libraries with an outstanding selection of digital and printed materials for their patrons.”

Baker & Taylor will make the complete Macmillan ebook backlist catalog available to all public library customers through its comprehensive Title SourceTM 3 and Title Source 360 selection and acquisitions tools. Patrons can then download and read the titles through Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 digital media platform.

Axis 360 delivers digital audiobooks and ebooks for library users in EPUB, PDF and Blio formats to PC and Mac computers, laptops and netbooks, to smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS, and to popular ereaders such as NOOK®, Sony Reader™ and Kobo™.

About Baker & Taylor
Baker & Taylor is the world’s largest distributor of books, digital content and entertainment products. The company offers cutting-edge digital media services and innovative technology platforms to thousands of publishers, libraries and retailers worldwide. Baker & Taylor also offers industry-leading customized library services and retail merchandising solutions. Charlotte, N.C.-based Baker & Taylor is majority owned by Castle Harlan Partners IV, L.P., an institutional private equity fund managed by Castle Harlan, Inc., a leading private equity investment firm.

3 thoughts on “Macmillan’s Ebook Backlist Available to Libraries

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  2. Michael W. Perry

    What will Macmillan’s prices be and what conditions will the company set?

    Set them too high and impose niggling conditions that make a purchase seem more likely a particularly restrictive leasing agreement, and they’ll sell poorly. Baker & Taylor’s Axis360 already has a contract with Smashwords to take feeds from it. My titles have not shipped yet, so I suspect the feed isn’t yet in place. But when it does, it means that tens of thousands of independent titles, particularly novels, will be available for prices ranging between $2 and $5.

    Given that much of what Macmillan is supplying will be little known backlist titles, it’s unlikely that libraries will pay $25–the price I’ve heard mentioned–when they can get half-a-dozen or more Smashwords titles for that same amount–and be able to use them without a lot of pesky restrictions.

    The publishing world is changing. Manhattan’s large publishers need to move with it.

    Then again, as small publisher, perhaps it’s best that they charge high prices and draconian conditions. That’ll help the sale of my titles.

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