Low-Cost Digital Textbooks for High Schools

[Press Release]

July 19, 2013
Auburn Hills, Michigan


Teachers in over 900 schools will begin using one dollar eTextbooks this fall. The “Voces” eTextbooks are published by Teacher’s Discovery, an educational materials firm based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Teachers will have full access for themselves and their students at home and at school to the complete text, reinforcement exercises, video, audio, and assessments using conventional computers and other electronic devices, such as iPads and smart Phones.

The award-winning content in the “Voces” eTextbook series has been recognized by the Association of Educational Publishers and vetted by teachers in on-site practical evaluations. The didactic methodology and sequencing is traditional, enhanced by the opportunities afforded by the digital environment.

The “Voces eTextbooks for All” program arose from frequently voiced needs of teachers for digital enhancements to the classroom experience and student engagement, leading to improved informational and skill acquisition outcomes.

Administrators are implementing the “Voces” eTextbooks in a strategic multi-phased approach. Introducing eTextbooks first as a supplement alongside current textbooks in selected subjects minimizes anxiety among veteran educators, and facilitates integration.

Mercy Pilkington, a reviewer, writes, “Now, an effort by a company who is familiar with meeting the classroom and budget needs of public school teachers has led to the development of teacher-created digital textbooks. Essentially based on the same model in which teachers created exercises for use with their textbooks, digital textbooks from Teacher’s Discovery share some of the most innovative concepts among teachers.”

High School English Grammar and Writing, Spanish I and Spanish II are currently in schools, with U.S. History and High School Literature coming this fall.

“This represents a paradigm shift in textbook acquisition,” says Skip McWilliams, president of Teacher’s Discovery. “At a dollar per student or less, districts can offer teachers fresh textbooks on a regular basis without the painful adoption process required for major budget outlays.”

About “Voces” and Teacher’s Discovery

“Voces” integrates engaging content and time-tested methodology with digital enhancements on a powerful streaming cloud-based delivery system that facilitates teachers’ and students’ immediate access from virtually any portal, at any location.

Teacher’s Discovery has been providing award-winning teaching materials since 1978. Teacher’s Discovery’s materials are used each day in every secondary school in the United States, as well as countless overseas locations. Teacher’s Discovery supports public, private and parochial schools, charter schools and academies with ideas to enhance classroom teachers’ success in boosting student achievement through engagement, depth of information and critical thinking exercises. “Voces” eTextbooks are Common Core aligned. To learn about “Voces” eTextbooks, go to promotion.vocesetextbooks.com


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