Look Into the Future of Reading Through Young Eyes

shutterstock_156824540Tablets are the most popular e-reading devices for children, a summer report from DBW and PlayCollective shows.
While that means in the immediate future publishers need to take a good look at how they’re providing content geared toward kids, it also speaks to the future of reading.
Kids growing up with tablets as learning and entertainment devices used for reading will be the tween, young adult, thriller, romance and science fiction readers of tomorrow. With the rise of tablets and of smartphones as reading platforms, it’s hard to imagine a future where most reading isn’t done on one of these devices.
So, plan for it.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Bloomsbury Launches Digital Imprint for Children (PW)
The line of business will launch in December with seven titles and will follow that up with 24 more in 2014 – two a month.
Tablet and E-Reader Adoption Rising Still (USA Today)
A USA Today and Bookish poll revealed that 40% of U.S. adults own an e-reader or a tablet these days – more than double from two years ago. And about a third of those with e-reading devices say they’re reading more books now.
Apple to Appeal (Pub Lunch)
Apple has filed a notice that it will be appealing the court’s decision that it was guilty of colluding to fix the prices of ebooks. This move was expected. On a related note, Simon & Schuster also filed an appeal, specifically against the injunction which, the publisher believes, punishes it unfairly by lengthening the term for which it is forced to sell ebooks to retailers wholesale.
Awards Spur Recognition (DBW)
Win an Oscar, Emmy, Pulitzer, Booker or any other prestigious award and reap the rewards. The Digital Book Awards, while relatively new, also offer rewards.
Related: DBA deadline extended to October 15 – enter today!

ALA Comes to NY (American Libraries Magazine)
The American Library Association’s executive leadership came to New York to meet with the publishing industry. Here is a recap of their trip and insights gained. More from Forbes.
Czech Ebook Sales Exploding (Prague Monitor)
Two years ago, Czech ebook retailers sold some 17,000 digital copies. This year, that number is expected to balloon to 500,000.
New Zealand Ebook Market Growing up Fast (NZ Herald)
New Zealand’s ebook market is drawing parallel with that of the U.S. and UK, according to local sources – and doing it in a fifth of the time.
Faber & Faber Has Record Year (Booktrade.info)
Both profits and revenues are up, much of the activity driven by ebooks.
Coehlo Cancels Frankfurt Trip to Punish Brazil (Pub Perspectives)
Paul Coehlo, like Brazil’s most internationally famous author, has cancelled his trip to this week’s Frankfurt Book Fair. He is protesting that his government, the guest of honor at this year’s fair, did not invite enough genre writers.
Franzen: Writers Wasting Time Self-Promoting (Christian Science Monitor)
Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon is at it again. Jonathan Franzen thinks writers are spending too much time promoting themselves on Twitter and not enough working on their craft.


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