Libraries and Ebooks: Fight Not Over Yet

shutterstock_154821080From the perspective of libraries, a tremendous amount of progress has been made on the issue of ebooks: All of the largest U.S. publishers are selling at least some ebooks to some of them. This on top of the thousands of smaller publishers who already did.

Still, librarians – specifically the American Library Association – are fighting. What do they want now?

“Access for those with disabilities and digital preservation,” said Maureen Sullivan, the ALA immediate past president.

More, from an exclusive conversation with the ALA leadership.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

The Post-Book Era (DBW)
From a theoretical point of view, we’re now living in an era that affords us the ability to express content in dozens if not hundreds of different ways – even content that was once only suited for books. From a commercial point of view, we’re still very much in the book era.

Why Are Ebook Subscription Start-ups So Hot Now? (Inc)
Scribd, Oyster, eReatah, etc. There’s multiplying. Buy why? It’s a business model that industry insiders has mostly decried over the years – yet operators and investors are drawn to it.

E-Textbooks Not Even Cheaper? (BG News)
A Michigan State professor was considering switching his class to using e-textbooks. After investigating the options, he came to the conclusion the e-textbooks wouldn’t be cheaper for his students – and many other students, besides. So, he wrote a lecture about it.

Japan Court Strikes Blow for Copyright (Japan Daily Press)
A Japan court has ruled against two companies that were digitizing customers’ books for a fee. The two companies were ordered to pay fines.

Motion Comics Start-up Gets Funded (PW)
Madefire, which is an authoring and viewing platform for comics with animation, has secured $5.2 million in funding. It’s the company’s second round, having previously raised $1.1 million.

Goodreads: We’re Sorry (GigaOm)
Goodreads has sent an apology letter to users whose reviews were deleted in a controversial policy change in September. The reviews will not be reinstated and cannot be reposted.

Readmill Goes Droid (DBW)
German e-reading platform Readmill has launched an app for Android.

Amazon Smartphone (The Street)
Amazon is reportedly developing a smartphone. We’ve heard that before, but this time it’s backed up by a secret, anonymous, unconfirmable source. So, basically rock-solid.

French Bill Aimed at Amazon’s Book Sales (Pub Lunch)
The French National Assembly passed a bill that would outlaw combining free shipping with discounting on books, which is allowed up to 5% in the country.

Amazon, Secret Agent (Seeking Alpha)
Amazon is up for a contract to provide a private cloud for the CIA. The contract is important for the company because it can help it further diversify from selling media.


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