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shutterstock_134845280Many voices in the digital publishing business have been discussing ebook marketing lately.

Peter McCarthy wrote about finding and selling to non-book book audiences for DBW’s Expert Publishing Blog. He’s encouraging publishers and authors to find enthusiast communities among television and movie audiences that are ready to become readers and influence other like-minded consumers.

Mike Shatzkin’s been blogging about it too in pieces like, “Finding the right digital services is today’s challenge for publishers” and “7 starter principles for digital book marketing learned from Peter McCarthy.”

And the team at Smith Publicity have been noticing trends in the media that book marketers ought to check out: Shrewd Tips for Book Publicity.

Related: At the upcoming Marketing Conference from DBW, experts including McCarthy will be presenting strategies and tactics necessary for successful marketing that translates into sales.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Woodhead Publishing Acquired by Elsevier (DBW)
Elsevier acquired the Cambridge, England-based publisher Woodhead as well as Chandos Publishing in the deal. Elsevier is expected to improve upon the success of Woodhead’s print and digital publishing.

Rakuten Acquires Data Analytics Company (DBW)
Rakuten Marketing will buy PopShops, a tech company based in Seattle that provides a data analytics engine to 25,000 publishers.

Preparing for the Frankfurt Book Fair (Pub Perspectives)
Pub Perspectives has put together a preview of the October show.

Libraries’ New Strategy On Ebooks (infoDocket)
The OCLC has release its latest report on the challenges of providing patrons with ebooks. It’s titled, The Big Shift: Public Library Strategies for Access to Information in Any Format.

Can the ABA Shift Amazon’s Image? (Future Book)
Amazon is neither good nor bad for publishers, booksellers and authors. Nonetheless, Oren Teicher of the American Booksellers Association is encouraging members to educate customers further about the company.

Slowing Ebook Sales, Not Bad News (Nathan Bransford, author)
This commentator takes a measured look at the recent AAP report that shows ebook sales growth at 5% in Q1 of this year.

Digital Preservation Across Institutions (The Signal)
Library of Congress Junior Fellows are tracking digital preservation strategies of 33 archives, libraries and museums.

Not An Author? You Can Play One On Your PC (Shelf Awareness)
The Novelist is a new game from designer Kent Hudson that will let players pretend at the life decisions of being an author with a small, traditional family. There is no winning, per se. But you The Novelist can apparently get published.

Disappearing Ink vs. Ebooks (Independent)
An Argentinean publisher printed books using an ink that vanishes 60 days after contact with air. This novelty is intended to compete with ebooks and, at the same time, ensure that emerging authors are read (before they disappear). See an Eterna Cadencia trailer here.

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