Kids Have Easier Time Reading When Read to by iPad, New Study Says

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Eye-Tracking Technology Shows e-Book As A Child Sees It

MeeGenius, a leading reading application for children, explored where children focus their attention during story time through a first of its kind Eye-Tracking study. The study found children focus closer on storybook text when it is read to them through the MeeGenius application as compared to an adult reading aloud.

MeeGenius used the Eye-Tracking technology from LookTracker, a Teknicks company, in support from EyeTracking, Inc., as a way to learn more about how children interact with digital stories to enhance the product. By following a child’s gaze when reading, the study found exactly what part of the e-book was most compelling to the child. The surprising findings revealed that:

· When a caregiver reads an e-book to a child, nine percent of his/her gaze is focused on the copy vs. 91 percent on the images
· When the e-book is read to a child by the application with word highlighting, 41 percent of his/her gaze is focused on the text vs. 59 percent on the images

“MeeGenius wanted to better understand the needs of our very young users, and the study results found that when the application read to the child, he or she was more likely to follow the highlighted text which is a key step in enhancing reading skills,” said Wandy Hoh, CEO and Co-Founder of MeeGenius. “MeeGenius was created to help children sharpen their early reading skills, especially in today’s busy households of dual income parents and on-the-go families. The app is designed to be used as part of a comprehensive at-home reading program to keep children learning and help busy parents balance their schedule. The Eye-Tracking findings will help our team to make a better product for parents and children.”

A recent survey of parents conducted by MeeGenius found over 80 percent agree they should read with their children more often, with 57 percent feeling that access to a digital library of children’s books would encourage more reading to their children.

“Another finding that surprised us was the MeeGenius professional narration was much slower (37 percent) than parents reading the same book. When it comes to reading, technology can actually help slow us down,” said Hoh. “Children will spend over one million hours this year reading with MeeGenius on phones or tablets as it is filled with curated, quality reading content that parents can feel good about putting in front of their children.”

MeeGenius e-books are available with read-along word highlighting, illustrations, and optional “read-to-me” narration and works across any device. The findings of the study will be used to help MeeGenius in product development.

“As a CEO and father of two young children, I found it fascinating to see an e-book through the eyes of a young child,” said Nick Chasinov, Founder of LookTracker. “LookTracker will continue to provide eye tracking research to help improve MeeGenius and support a better online experience for users of all ages.”

About MeeGenius
MeeGenius is a popular, free app for children’s e-books focused on engaging young readers. MeeGenius e-books are available with read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations, and optional “read-to-me” narration. The MeeGenius library works across most phones, tablets and computers – turning anytime into story time. Visit, follow us on Twitter at, and like us on Facebook.

About LookTracker
LookTracker is an innovative & cutting-edge eye tracking technology that tracks eye movement and provides insight into where people gaze, fixate and look within your digital media. LookTracker’s parent company, Teknicks, is a leading Interactive Enhancement Agency providing world class digital marketing solutions and proprietary technologies that drive actionable insights to some of the most well-known brands. Teknicks is twice ranked in Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in America, voted as one of the top 4 best places to work in New Jersey, and was awarded New Jersey’s “Top Emerging Business of the Year” in 2010. The LookTracker and Teknicks offices are located in Bay Head, New Jersey. For more information, please visit and

6 thoughts on “Kids Have Easier Time Reading When Read to by iPad, New Study Says

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  3. Sheilah

    “Another finding that surprised us was the MeeGenius professional narration was much slower (37 percent) than parents reading the same book.”
    The narration, yes, but what about how long it takes to read the book, complete with discussions about the pictures and what might happen next and all the other suggested extensions that parents are encouraged to do when reading?

  4. Anna Hines

    I am creating apps and I do include word high-lighting because I see the value of helping kids make the connection between the text on the page and the spoken word. We all want all kids to learn to read, but I really want kids to pay attention to those pictures, too! Reading is about so much more than decoding text and those pictures are more than distracting decorations. They help kids “read” the story.
    I love reading a book with my young granddaughter and seeing her “read” the pictures as I read the words. What fun as she discovers little details, names colors, and so on! It leads to conversations and greater story understanding. The learning of young children is about so much more than letters and numbers, even more than about sequencing and patterning (beginning, middle, end and predicting, etc..). Children learn about emotions, relationships, struggle and triumph, humor, life itself.
    Whether a caring person or a robotic app reads to the child it is the STORY that is the most important thing. When kids are exposed to STORIES they learn! A caring adult sharing the experience, whether book or app, maximizes that learning experience and makes it a whole lot more fun.

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  6. Mia

    I read a couple of books on my snphtarome a few years ago. I was not thrilled with the experience; the screen was too small and too bright, I found I could only read in very short bursts. However, I did like the fact that if I had a few spare minutes at any point throughout the day I could pull out my phone and read a few pages. This little perk was not enough of an incentive, and stopped after a while. A year later I got an eReader and now do the majority of my reading on that.



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