Joshua Tallent, Founder of eBook Architects, on the Next Phase of Ebook Growth

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Joshua Tallent is the founder and Chief eBook Architect for eBook Architects in Austin, Texas, a subsidiary of Firebrand Technologies. Tallent has a long been a strong voice for the role of design and a more thoughtful approach to ebook presentation, for all devices and levels of ebook formatting complexity.

Tallent founded eBook Architects first as a part-time project in 2007 after the release of the first Kindle when he realized the marketplace need for quality formatting and digital design. In February of this year, Firebrand acquired eBook Architects, with Tallent remaining in his leadership position, adding it to their roster of publisher services companies, which also includes the electronic galley distribution company, NetGalley.

In this interview, Tallent cautions against making any long-term assumptions about the ebook industry based on its current evolutionary moment.

“I think everybody’s adjusting. If you go to the Consumer Electronics show and you see these new tablets and new devices that are coming out with, tow or three years from now those things what right now, two or three years ago, we are seeing on the market right now. People are starting to engage them, they are starting to think about digital in a different way.”

Tallent’s role working with both authors and publishers provides an up-close perspective on the effects that self- and small-publishing have had on the book industry and on the publishing strategies of larger houses. According to Tallent, it’s mostly a good kind of tension.

“I think that there’s going to be a big change over time we’re going to see the bigger publishers focus on books that really only they can do and push the market in directions that they can go. While at the same time we’re going to see self published and independent authors and smaller publishers pushing the market in a different directions. Sometimes those fight against each other but I think a lot of times they are pushing us forward, just from different angles.”

Joshua Tallent will be one of the speakers and panelists at this year’s Digital Book World Conference, to be held January 13-15 in New York City. For more information on the event lineup, visit the Digital Book World Conference & Expo 2014 website.

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