International Ebook Tide Rising

world ipadRevenues rose sharply last year for ebooks sold abroad by American publishers, up 63% to $121.5 million, according to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers. At the same time, international revenues for U.S. publishers for print books rose only 1.3% to $711.8 million.

Aggressive expansion of ebook retailers like Amazon, Apple and Kobo into dozens of new countries in 2012 likely helped drive these totals to unprecedented levels. Ebooks now account for nearly 15% of such revenue, compared with the 20% of domestic book revenue, also according to the AAP.

Germany, which now has a powerful new ebook retail player of its own – Tolino – led the way when it came to growth.

With retailers only getting more aggressive about entering new e-reading markets and publishers seeking to get savvier about marketing their wares abroad, this trend is set to gain momentum.

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The rest of the day’s top news:


Japan Ebook Market Growing (Pub Perspectives)
Until recently thought of as a tough place to launch a digital book business, Japan’s ebook market seems to be blooming. In 2012, ebooks accounted for $740 million in revenue.


Quick-to-Market Ebooks Now Norm, Not Exception (Forbes)
Over a year ago, when a Jeremy Lin ebook came out just weeks after the basketball phenom made national news, it was a stunning and singular moment in the publishing world. Now, quick-turnaround ebooks like that are the norm. Related: New York Times and Byliner Strike Fast With Same-Sex Marriage Ebook.


Kindle Worlds Open for Business (DBW)
The new fan fiction play from Amazon is now accepting new authors and selling work to readers.


3M: Give Away Content to Attract Librarians (DBW)
3M really wants librarians to try its Cloud Library product – so much that it will buy librarians a select number of best-selling titles to help them start their collection when they sign up.


LibraryReads to Bring Librarians’ Favorite New Books to Readers (Pub Lunch)
The American Library Association is teaming up with the AAP and the American Booksellers’ Association to create LibraryReads, a monthly, nationwide top-ten list of adult titles.


PubIt! Done (The Digital Reader)
After launching Nook Press, it’s not a surprise that B&N is retiring its older self-publishing solution. Nook Press was launched in April. PubIt! will close shop in July.


Oxford University Press: Higher Sales, Profit (Pub Lunch)
Sales at OUP were up about 4% to £759 million ($1,158 million) and profits were £116 million. The company claims the results are particularly impressive given “difficult trading conditions.”


Google Play Books Updated Now in More Countries (The Digital Reader)
Portugal, Austria, Ireland and Belgium are now upgraded.


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