Innovative Ebook Distribution Channels

shutterstock_82217446Ask any U.S. publisher who its biggest costumer is and most will give you the same answer: Amazon.

While Amazon is a friend to publishers in that it provides them with much of their revenue and profits, some publishers worry about relying too heavily on one customer.

And that’s how it’s always been in the publishing industry. In the 1990s, when Barnes & Noble dominated U.S. book sales, the same was said about it.

So, as ever, publishers are working to build new distribution channels for their content so as to lessen reliance on any one customer. Some of the stories below touch on this theme.

Here’s an interesting one with a company you’d never expect in the headline: McDonald’s.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Everything Bezos (Pub Lunch)
Businessweek reporter Brad Stone excerpted his upcoming book The Everything Store about Amazon in the magazine’s most recent issue. While the excerpt doesn’t discuss the book trade it does offer insights into the personality and business practices of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. More: Five Fun and Terrifying Facts About Working for Jeff Bezos (GigaOm).

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Pricing Overtakes Piracy at Frankfurt (PW)
Piracy was the hot topic at Frankfurt years ago. Now it’s pricing. Having a “perfect” pricing strategy is key to publisher success, one senior-level exec said. Related: Ebook Best-Seller Prices Spike This Week | Track Ebook Prices With the DBW Ebook Best-Seller List.

Kobo Partners With 3M on Ebook Sales Through Libraries (DBW)
Patrons attempting to borrow ebooks through 3M’s Cloud Library will now be given the option to buy the Kobo ebook, too. Some of the proceeds will go to support each individual library branch.

Kobo Partners With Italian Bookstore Chain (DBW)
Continuing on with its strategy of partnering with local retailers in foreign countries, Kobo has struck a new deal with a large bookstore chain in Italy.

Russian Ebook Retail Site LitRes Raises $5 Million (Venture Beat)
LitRes looks and feels like Amazon and has 380,000 ebooks in Russian and relationships with over 100 publishers.

Clifford the Big Red App (DBW)
Scholastic Book Fairs has gone digital with a new app. Clifford just got a whole lot smaller.

Spaceman Spiff Travels to Planet Ebook (DBW)
Andrews McMeel will make iconic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes into ebooks for the first time ever.

Open Road Forms Partnership With Spanish Publisher (PW)
The partnership will bring to market hundreds of titles in its first year, Open Road CEO Jane Friedman says. It’s the first such foreign partnership for the digital publisher.

Aquafadas Debuts Cloud-Based Ebook Production Tool (DBW)
The new tool converts PDFs into cross-platforms ebooks.

Metrodigi Unveils Next Generation of Chaucer Ebook Conversion Tool (DBW)
International Digital Publishing Forum president Bill McCoy is quoted in the press release giving Chaucer 2.0 a shining endorsement in terms of its ability to handle EPUB3.

Amazon Acquires Math Curriculum Company (DBW)
TenMarks helps teachers and parents deliver personalized math curriculums to students.

Pretend You’re in Frankfurt (Pub Perspectives)
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  2. John P. Wheeler

    Thanks for sharing this story Jeremy. It’s exciting to see the digital publishing industry constantly looking for ways to innovate. I’m going to make sure to keep close tabs on this story to see if McDonald’s can pull it off.



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