Inkling Launches Habitat Interactive Content Creation Tool to the Public

A year after unveiling its Habitat professional interactive ebook production tool, Inkling is launching its tool to the public, complete with “end-to-end” integration of the tool into its new strategy which makes all parts of an ebook searchable in Google, effectively turning the world’s largest search engine into a storefront.

The tool was officially unveiled to a small audience of digital book publishing executives and press at a cocktail event at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York last night.

In addition to re-introducing Habitat to publishers, Inkling also announced an “enterprise” version of the tool — essentially a license to use it that publishers can opt for to have access to an “application programming interface” (API, which would allow a user to greatly customize the Habitat experience as well as the Inkling storefront experience). Publishers that go that route also pay a lower distribution cost (the Inkling storefront takes 30% of the list price of digital content sales).

Inkling also announced that Habitat would allow users to create content with the creative commons copyright license, opening the door for public institutions and non-profits to use the tool for content that they want to be inexpensive and open for use by other content creators.


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Inkling Unveils Inkling Habitat™, the New Standard for Professional Publishing
Paired with the Inkling Content Discovery Platform, Inkling now offers an end-to-end solution to build and distribute high-quality digital book content at scale

Inkling, maker of the leading publishing platform for high-quality digital content, today launched Inkling Habitat, a free, collaborative digital publishing environment designed for professionals. Paired with the recently launched Inkling Content Discovery Platform, which enables unparalleled online discovery for nonfiction book content, Inkling now provides the only end-to-end solution for publishers to build, market, and distribute high quality digital books at scale.

“For the last five years, the digital book market has been dominated by a single player. Products have been limited to 10-dollar text files, but there is another massive market for illustrated books, from textbooks to travel books, cooking, hobbies, medicine, and more, that demands the media-rich, interactive experience that mobile devices were built for,” said Matt MacInnis, Founder and CEO of Inkling. “Today we’re announcing a powerful new way for publishers to create beautiful, media-rich consumer and technical books that also makes it easy for customers to find and buy them.”

Inkling Habitat: The first collaborative digital publishing tool designed for professionals
Using Inkling Habitat, publishers will finally have the tools to build high-quality digital content they’re proud of. With Habitat, publishers can:

— Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere in the world: Fully cloud-based, Habitat lets teams of editors, developers and designers from New York to New Delhi communicate, collaborate, and coordinate in real time, from first edit to final publish.

— Build delightful interactive content experiences: Publishers can integrate multimedia and enhanced content, including images, audio, and video, into both existing and digital-first books. For readers, the experience is as gorgeous as it is intuitive.

— Publish to multiple platforms with one click: Content can be published to multiple platforms with automatic formatting for any screen size. Plus, publishers can even export titles to standards-compliant EPUB for distribution across third-party channels.

Inkling Content Discovery Platform: Search is the new storefront
Inkling’s Content Discovery Platform (“CDP”) unlocks book content on Inkling so that it can be indexed by search engines like Google and read by users for free, right when they want it.

Discovery and sharing anywhere: Every section inside an Inkling book has its own URL that can be indexed by search engines, or shared individually, letting readers more easily discover, share, and purchase the book content they are looking for. After a limited number of views per book, readers are prompted to purchase either a chapter or the entire book.
New revenue opportunities: From individual title and chapter sales in the Inkling Store to single-title apps in the App Store, or standards-compliant EPUB export for third-party distribution, opportunities for incremental revenue are unlimited.

Strong Partner Momentum in Consumer, Professional and Academic Markets
Already, more than two dozen existing publishing partners call Inkling home, including McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Wolters Kluwer, Elsevier and Wiley, and popular brands like Frommer’s, For Dummies, Kaplan, and O’Reilly, have already had their content built using pre-release versions of Habitat. Today, Inkling announced new publisher commitments to integrate Habitat into their book-building workflows:

— Pearson will integrate Habitat within its existing infrastructure and vendor network to power their next generation of content and assessment products.

— HarperCollins will test Habitat to build new consumer titles.

— Wolters-Kluwer, the world’s fourth largest publisher, shared on Monday that Inkling has become its fastest growing and largest digital partner in medical education.
Popular illustrated book publisher DK will be shipping additional titles alongside its bestselling Illustrated Bible, and Lonely Planet will join the travel category with its award-winning travel guides.

Inkling today also announced support for Creative Commons licenses on Habitat, to enable the publishing of open content, including open educational resources, with a single click.

In addition, Inkling announced a partnership with the 20 Million Minds Foundation to build and distribute 50 open textbooks to serve California’s bill SB 1052, which provides for the development of more affordable open educational resources for college students. The first three titles will be available this spring, with more to follow into the fall.

Private Launch Event and Tools of Change Announcement
On Monday evening, February 11, MacInnis shared this announcement at a private invitation-only event with more than 300 publishing industry leaders, executives and partners at Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

On Wednesday, February 13, MacInnis will take the keynote stage at the annual O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference in New York City to share the announcement with attendees.

About Inkling
Inkling is reinventing publishing in the era of mobile, and we’ve started by redefining the book. The world’s leading publishers are bringing their best content to Inkling as engaging and interactive reading experiences. But it’s about more than just a book. Look between the lines, and you’ll see a revolution in publishing: a new platform for creating, distributing and consuming media-rich, interactive content. Based in San Francisco, Inkling is backed by leading investors and partners with the world’s leading publishers. For more information, visit or

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