In Case You Didn’t Know, It’s Read an Ebook Week

It’s that time again: Read an E-Book Week. The event runs from March 3 to March 9 and consists of a promotions of free and inexpensive ebooks and an e-reader giveaway.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of this celebration (we hadn’t), but it’s been around since 2004, according to the Read an E-Book Week website. Its purpose is to give legitimacy to the nascent form and its founder, published author Rita Y. Toews, still publishes ebooks even though she has also been published in print, also according to the website.

One group that may have heard of the event is Smashwords authors. The company is a supporter and gives its authors facility to offer their books at a discount or free in conjunction with the event. Smashwords founder and CEO has been a supporter for years. He wrote a piece for HuffPost Books in 2010 tells the story of the event and of Toews.

Toews is based in Canada, where perhaps the event is bigger. You can read more about it here.


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