Ian Chapman Promoted to CEO and Publisher of Simon & Schuster UK and International

Long-time Simon & Schuster UK managing director and CEO Ian Chapman has been promoted to chief executive and publisher for S&S UK and International, according to a statement from the company’s CEO, Carolyn Reidy.

“Since joining Simon & Schuster UK as managing director and CEO in January 2000, Ian has led the company through an extended period of editorial development and financial growth,” she said in the statement.

Since 2010, Chapman has been adding international responsibilities to his role as CEO of the UK operation. He added S&S Australia that year and S&S India a year later, both of which are growing nicely, said Reidy.

Reidy also cited Chapman’s role in developing the company’s international ebook business, one that is poised to grow as the business in the U.S. has over the past few years.

The company also announced a series of executive moves at S&S UK designed to help with the transition and new strategy that comes with Chapman’s appointment over both the UK and international businesses. Pub Lunch has the full details.

2 thoughts on “Ian Chapman Promoted to CEO and Publisher of Simon & Schuster UK and International

  1. Ann ALLEN

    I will never buy a book digital or paper from Simon and Schuster again while they publish books by cruel bigots such as Milos Yiannopoulos.
    I am a lesbian and I do not appreciate the hate he has spewed concerning gay people.
    Never again

  2. Ellen Louise Cady

    Hello Ian, I am not sure if you remember the Summer (1981?) my dad, you, your wife, and my boyfriend Michael and I rode partially up (via chairlift) Mt. Mansfield I.e. Stowe, in Vermont. After that we hiked even higher.We then ran /climbed down.I drove my dad’s Saab home in what was probably a frightening, but fun, drive! I do love Rte.100. in any case, I wanted to send you my regards, and to let tell you that of all his Assistant Editors my dad, Howard, felt you held the most promise. That turned out to be true, I see. I miss him every day. I also wanted to let you know that he truly loved you. He would be so extremely proud of you. Most sincerely, Ellen Cady, Pembroke, N.H., U.S.A.



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