HTML5 in Inkling Habitat (Video)

Missed the DBW webcast on HTML5 for publishing decision makers earlier this week? See below Inkling’s Brad Neuberg deliver his portion of the presentation, a demonstration of HTML5 in Habitat, Inkling’s content creation tool.

You can also watch the rest of the webcast in our webcast archives.

HTML5 in Inkling Habitat from Brad Neuberg on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “HTML5 in Inkling Habitat (Video)

  1. Nigel d'Auvergne

    Hi Brad, I enjoyed your presentation. In Habitat is there a facility for including an index (as in ‘Back of the Book’ index)? It would give readers the ability to both find and jump straight to topics of their choice. Yes, there is full-text searching, but an index would complement it, and add value.
    This is more of a marketing question than a technical one, so if need be, I would appreciate you copying it on to the relevant person at Inkling.
    Many thanks.

  2. Angie

    I especially like the \ticket\ feature of the Habitat interface. We always have a good deal of back and forth before a project is approved and the tickets mimic our approval sheets. The lack of an easy approvals process is actually a barrier in using other platforms. Another great feature is the fact that the input platform is not tied to Mac or PC.

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