How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips

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How to Sell EbooksThe ability to sell ebooks as an indie or self-published author is easier than ever before. In some ways, a cult-like following has developed for self-published ebooks among cost-conscious readers and techno-geeks, and many people feel cool downloading books at cheap prices and helping drive the e-reading revolution. If you want to join the fray and sell ebooks to a wider audience, use these five tips to market like a pro.

Sell Ebooks Tip #1 – Give It Away for Free

One of the best ways to assess if you can make it as a new author is by giving away your ebook for free for a limited time, such as 30 or 90 days. Free is the quickest way to generate word of mouth, which is essential to success. If you’re writing isn’t good enough to get friends and family to share your book with others, you probably won’t get the general public to follow suit. By giving away your ebook for free, you can generate enough short-term momentum to carry you through to the real sales process.

Ebook innovator Seth Godin encourages aspiring authors to give away their first book for free. “You should give your book away for free and send it to your twenty closest friends,” he says. “And, if that’s the end of it, then you’re not a good writer. On the other hand, if those twenty people send it to twenty more people, then you have four hundred readers, and then eight thousand readers, and so on. If you can get up to twenty thousand readers of your first book for free, there will be a line out the door of people wanting to help you with your next book.”

Using a free approach with your ebook allows you to test your material with readers without losing your shirt financially if you fail. The opportunity to build a new audience has never been this quick and easy.

Sell Ebooks Tip #2 – The Price Is Right

A large percentage of people who read ebooks are extremely price-sensitive. Amazon started this process by setting prices for most ebooks at $9.99. A continual battle rages throughout the publishing industry on the right price structure. But, Amazon created a trend in the minds of many readers. Thus, many independent authors picked up on this trend and now use low pricing as a way to get readers to take a chance on their new book.

For example, Darcie Chan, ebook author of The New York Times best-selling novel, The Mill River Recluse, used low prices to gain her initial audience. “The goal of my ‘e-book experiment’ has never been to make money,” she says. “I only wanted to get my work out there over time and gauge people’s responses to it. For that reason, I lowered the price to $0.99. I think it is true that readers are more willing to take a chance on a completely unknown author at that price point, and I definitely wanted to encourage people to take a chance on me.”

Not only did people take a chance on Darcie’s novel, they gave rave reviews and spread an electronic wildfire. Within four months, she was selling several thousand copies a day. You could argue that Darcie didn’t make much money from this low-price strategy, but with an established fan base, she’s now in a position to get a big advance from a major publisher or sell her next book at a much higher price.

Sell Ebooks Tip #3 – Partner with Ebook Blogs

Ebook junkies are a tight-knit tribe who possess a powerful communication network. Everyone knows where to go for information, and they check-in regularly. There are numerous blogs, websites, newsletters, and social media pages that specifically review and promote e-books. The influence of these reviewers affects a lot of ebook buyers. Below is a list of several well-known blogs and websites with large traffic:

Ereader News Today:
Kindle Nation:
Pixel of Ink:
Inspired Reads:
Kindle Reader:

Getting your e-book mentioned on these websites can help generate a lot of downloads. You can write to the administrators of these e-book blogs and request a feature of your book. Some sites give free listings while others will feature your book for a fee. For instance, Kindle Nation offers author sponsorship opportunities to promote your book for $99 to $400. In addition, you can arrange for web-based ads to run on ebook-related sites, such as GoodReads and IndieReader.

Sell Ebooks Tip #4 – Pursue Paid Book Reviews

Besides book mentions and paid advertising, independent authors can pursue literary reviews of their work for a fee. These review sites can help provide a level of legitimacy to an unknown author. Consider the following organizations if you’d like to pursue a paid review:

Kirkus Reviews: Review fees cost from $425 to $575.
BookRooster: Review fees start at $67.

Sell Ebooks Tip #5 – Subsidize Your Writing Costs with a Sponsor

Taking the time to write a book can work against your ability to make a living. If that is the case, consider getting a sponsor for your ebook. This process is similar to getting an advance from a traditional publisher, because someone pays you up front to create your book. In return, you agree to give the sponsor some free advertising space or perform promotional activities on their behalf. Popular services in this arena include Kickstarter and PubSlush.

For example, e-book author, Al Pittampalli, landed Citrix Systems as a sponsor for his new ebook called, Read This Before Our Next Meeting. Citrix invented the popular GoToMeeting videoconferencing service (, which is used by companies around the world. As a sponsor of Al’s book, Citrix got exposure to thousands of potential new customers. Likewise Al got funding through Citrix, legitimacy from their brand, and exposure to a much wider audience.

The key to landing a sponsor is to identify people, companies, or nonprofit organizations that want to reach the same audience you want to reach with your book. In essence, you offer yourself as a spokesperson or product placement opportunity for that organization. The company receives the benefit of marketing their product or service in a non-threatening manner to potential customers or donors. Sponsorship will work only if the company believes your book’s audience fits their target market and that you have the ability to sell a lot of books.

There has never been a more interesting time to be an independent author. The opportunities to publish and sell ebooks are unprecedented. However, the fundamentals remain the same. You must write a great book that provides tangible value to the reader. Ebooks allow you to accomplish this task faster than ever before. Start small, use a low-cost pricing approach to gain new readers, connect with the ebook community to grow your platform, find a sponsor if needed, and watch as the world downloads your message like wildfire.

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41 thoughts on “How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips

  1. David Mark Brown

    Kindle Reader is listed as a site in this article, but it has been dead for over a year. And why was BookBub left out? My understanding is that it is the largest targeted mailing list for ebooks out there.

    1. Rob EagarRob Eagar Post author


      Thanks for your comment and update on Kindle Reader and BookBub. The content for my article is based on my book, “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire,” which was written over 18 months ago. As you know, the industry is in a state of constant change.

      Rob Eagar

      1. Buster

        So, Rob, you are reminding David that “the industry is in a state of constant change” while you allowed yourself to publish at the public that trusted you information 1 and a half year old about that same industry….

    2. Mona

      Hi everyone! Thanks for the great post. One question: I have a 100-page health e-book and would like to sell the publishing rights. I have no idea where to start. Any ideas?

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  4. Thomas Yashua Twain

    Well written, insightful and a big tank-u.
    I have a unique book that exposes a lot of the corruption that transfers the wealth from our lives and future, a bigger picture expose compared to singling out one industry.
    So far, the traditional publishers and agents are afraid to tackle the project. Go figure. It is not they are scared or in on the global wealth transfer schemes, they have cognitive dissonance problems with information that goes against the authorized world version. If one is comftorable, financially especially, the world seems to be working quite well, proving the status quo works well enough.
    The marketing ideas presented here, are insightful. We authors can remove from the equation, the road blocks to the ideas that free our intelect.

  5. Lynn West

    Thanks for your informative helpful article. Indeed much change in the last 18 months for ebooks and ebook promotion.
    I wanted to let you know about our book site, which promotes KDP free books in all genres. Submissions are free and we automatically place them for sale in our bookstore after the free days have passed.

    In addition since permanently free books are increasing , we also accept perma-free books on our site.

  6. Penny Matrix

    Thanks for the tips. With a lot of free stuffs online it can be challenging to create an ebook that people consider worth paying for. It can be a profitable venture yet It requires consistent, quality production over time. We must never ever fall into the ‘overnight blockbuster’ mentality and we need to think of ourselves as writers who will continue with our passion.

  7. Peter - Books

    I would recommend setting up some sort of blog/ website. Do some market research on keywords used. For example; i recently purchased a domian called bestbooksofalltime. Approx 4000 users search this term per month. The website would then target the books im looking to sell.

  8. Diego

    Hi, I have written various books, not literature, but grammar drills books, right now I´m running a crowdfunding campaign but I´m finding it exhausting. Since I have more 8 books to go, I´m thinking to get sponsors, probably within the same field (language teaching). My research shows that within the first month, some 50 thousand ebooks will be downloaded… so, let´s hope it works.

    1. Eva Brent

      Mine is not a how-to book, cookbook, romance, detective or murder mystery, but The Lobbyist’s Wife (title) is e-book on Amazon Kindle, $2.99, it is a fascinating true-crime story of lobbyists in a MidWestern town.
      Help! No budget ($) for advertising!

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  10. Deian Motov

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  12. John Blandly

    this is an excellent collection of ideas for selling your ebook–I will share it with my writing friends, Rory Macbeth (romance), Felicity Jones(literary), B. Sting(romance, fantasy),Icy Rivers (young adult), and Pantson Fire (experimental literary romance)

  13. linjo

    Hi Rob,

    Great tips, There are lots of people like Patt flynn and Darren Rowse who use the freemium model. They give away an ebook for free and start selling their product once a relation is established. Have a look at their success stories selling ebook.

    Like what Darcie did, lowering the price has worked for these guys very much. Check their personal blogs and they’ve shared many of their experiences

  14. Summers

    Do you need your book reviewed? I will read and write a detailed review(7-10 sentences) of your E-Book (any genre) and have it posted to the sites (up to 2 sites) of your choice within 12 HOURS!!! Plus, after you place your order you will immediately get FREE advertisement on my facebook page and twitter page. For only $5, visit page for details and other services

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  17. Ayodeji

    Thanks for your information. this would help me in marketing my website: which is an online shop for selling ebooks in many categories like Business, internet and computer, relationships, personal development and so on. I also sell some softwares for online business and videos. thanks.

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  19. thomas daniels

    Great post, I’m trying to sell my ebooks more, i just started writing articles and submitting them to ezine articles,but I’m trying to make 1000$ a month and coming up short, any tips?

    Thanks again, love the post!!

  20. Kingsley

    Great post. But how can i promote educational ebook such as “simplified mathematics for secondary schools and colleges”, which is on amazon.

  21. Shane

    Thanks Rob, this is very insightful. I like the idea “Give it away for free”. I ranked my eBooks on Google for few keywords but it took me a long time. I think giving away an eBook free for a limited time is the most important of all tips.
    My site:

  22. Katarina

    There are always some new strategies, some of them are good while the others are not really worth my time because I saw no results. But there are some basics that never change, such as starting your blog and building your audience, using forums, guest posting… There are some useful tricks on
    But I would suggest trying EVERYTHING and testing what works for you. This is what works best for me.

  23. Felicity Jones

    My good friend, B. Sting, who recently published a fine science fiction romance ebook novella, “Balboa and the Cyborg,” is sometimes drowned out by rock star Sting, now see a novel, “Sting,” as a number four New York Times bestseller list book, is bathed in obscurity.
    Now, B., with unrelenting optimism, is a big fan of Sting and “Sting.”

  24. sasi kumar

    Useful post, am a blogger having wordpress site. And selling ebooks is the main part of my blog. Here am getting some useful info’s for improve my ebooks sales. Really thanks for this effective post.

  25. Riad Thalji

    Thanks for this great article. I authored a book called “A Practical Approach to PMP Exam Prep”, -PMP stands for: Project Management Professional, which I think is one of the best 5 books in the world in this field. However, I didn’t have funds to market it, so I just put it on without any other marketing. I need your advice how can I finance and market this book, which I think has great benefits for the readers. I’m now delivering the book for my students for free and it does its job perfectly to let them pass from the first try.



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