How to Handle Bad Reviews

shutterstock_21500065They used to say, jokingly, “everyone’s a critic.” Today, it’s true.
Anyone who has bought an ebook or book online has been asked to rate and review it. Millions of readers write reviews on Goodreads and elsewhere. And there are too many book blogs out there at this point to count.
So, no matter how good your titles are, bad reviews are inevitable. While you can’t control what people say, you can control how you as a publisher or author react.
First order of business: Breathe. A bad review isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. Here are five things you can do to handle bad reviews.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Amazon’s New Fleet of Tablets (DBW)
Amazon released a new fleet of tablets this week, matching or exceeding the hardware specifications on comparable products from its competitors. However, Amazon gets an A+ for software innovations, including a new “quiet time” mode that makes it easier to concentrate on reading. Related: Hardware Expert Weights in on Whether the New Devices are a “Homerun” for Amazon.
Penguin Resumes Selling All Ebooks to Libraries (DBW)
After nearly two years of none or limited ebook sales to libraries, Penguin is again offering its entire catalog through OverDrive. Like Random House, prices for front-list titles are higher for libraries than they are for consumers.
Bezos: Publishers Want DRM, Not Us (PC Mag)
Jeff Bezos said in an interview that it’s rights holders who demand digital rights management protection and limited ebook lending between accounts and that these policies aren’t necessarily a part of Amazon’s ultimate plan. Also, Bezos sees print books surviving for a while. Related: Is the Book As Durable at Technology as the Button?

HMH Goes After in-Classroom Ebook Sales With Common Core Package (DBW)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is going after the middle- and high-school ebook market with a new offering of products aimed at helping schools satisfy new “common core” academic requirements. Related: Everything You Need to Know About E-Reading in Classrooms.

German E-Reader Sales to Soar (telecompaper)
Sales of dedicated e-readers are forecast to grow by nearly a quarter in 2013 but this growth is much lower than expected due to the increased popularity of tablets.
UK Nook GlowLight Sale (The Digital Reader)
Barnes & Noble is now selling the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight in the UK for £49 ($78.78). The same device retails on the website for $79.00. The price reduction could be to clear the decks for new devices. Or it could be an aggressive customer acquisition strategy in advance of the holidays. Or both.
Ingram Takes E-Textbook Platform International (DBW)
Ingram has taken its e-textbook distribution platform international through a UK partnership.
Last Chance!
The Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo in New York is today! If you want to be a part of this fantastic event, come down to the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 W 18th St. in Manhattan.

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