How Much Control Should the U.S. Government Have Over Ebooks?

shutterstock_147560003We’re likely to learn today just how much control the U.S. government will exert over the ebook business in the next five years. Judge Denise Cote is set to hold a conference today where it could be revealed what remedy the court will apply to Apple following its loss in the ebook price-fixing trial.
Of course, Apple is appealing on a number of grounds and the case could, theoretically, go to the Supreme Court, but it likely won’t and we will therefore know soon whether things will stay relatively the same or, if the DOJ gets its way, whether they’ll change drastically.
If you haven’t been paying attention, the DOJ has asked for some rather severe punishments for Apple for colluding to fix the prices of ebooks. A short summary: No agency pricing for five years – for ebooks, the App Store and the iTunes store; no 30% commission on in-app sales; must allow linking to outside retail stores.
How do you see it? Is this government intervention into the market too far? Or is it fair and what is required? Read more and leave a comment.

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