How Children Find New Books As They Age

As children age, they discover new books in different ways, according to data from the Codex Group, a book-industry data firm.

For children aged three-to-five, about a quarter of book discovery happens in stores. Children at this age are too young to be getting many book discoveries from their school or elsewhere on their own.

For children six-to-nine, about a third of book discovery happens in school. At this stage of their life, they are learning to read and being made to read at school.

“Learning to read is almost like their job,” said Peter Hildick-Smith, founder and CEO of the Codex Group, speaking at the Children’s Publishing Goes Digital* conference at Digital Book World.

For children aged ten-to-12, a little under a third of book discovery comes from the kid themselves. Children of that age have their own social lives and are exposed to a lot of media and often tell parents what they want.

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