Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to Take Curious George to Next Digital Level With CuriousGeorge.com

curiousgeorge.comHoughton Mifflin Harcourt is taking an aggressive approach to giving one of its most beloved brands a new platform in the ever-evolving children’s digital content market. Tomorrow, the company will announce CuriousGeorge.com, a multi-platform destination for children.

CuriousGeorge.com will offer its users apps, books, audio-books and games as well as educational tools and resources that can be accessed by parents and teachers. The site will also feature the “Curious Reader,” an free interactive ebook reading application associated with the website.

Previously, Curious George lived on a series of platforms, including the Ruckus Reader, Kindle Free Time, an enhanced ebook on the iBooks Author platform, Sony’s new children’s platform and as a standalone app, Curious George at the Zoo. The company said in a statement that the success of the Zoo app inspired this latest expansion.

“We must remain true to what makes George so beloved by our readers, but leverage digital platforms to reach new audiences,” Cheryl Toto, senior vice president of content and product innovation at HMH, said in a statement.

HMH also said in the statement that CuriousGeorge.com is the first of the company’s characters to be given this multi-platform treatment, suggesting that others might follow.

“Other HMH brands and popular characters will be going this route, too,” said an HMH spokesperson in a statement.

HMH will monetize the approach by selling Curious George ebooks through the free Curious Reader app.

“All content on CuriousGeorge.com is free and will be updated regularly to reflect seasonal and timely themes,” said the spokesperson. “The digital e-books and apps, both current and future, available in the apple store will range from free to $4.99.”

HMH will promote the site initially through a photo contest wherein users will be asked to submit photos of Curious George in various locations for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood and tickets to Universal Studios.

One of children’s oldest and most beloved brands, Curious George was initially published in 1941. Since, many Curious George editions have sold over 75 million copies worldwide.



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