Hooking up: Publishers and Start-ups

startupbutton“No,” says publishing consultant and Digital Book World conference chairman Mike Shatzkin.

Larger publishers, especially, feel like they can afford to sit on the sidelines and watch to see a new trend or technology to develop before getting involved.

Start-ups, on the other hand, probably need publishers to work with to test their ideas in the marketplace. Where would Oyster or Scribd’s new ebook subscription service be without HarperCollins, Workman and other publisher who are taking the leap with them?

Investors, the third leg of the stool, are bullish on many of these start-ups. So, what’s to be done?

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Ebooks Drive Profits at HarperCollins (DBW)
Profits at HarperCollins were up 8% in its first quarter this year, driven by a 30% increase in ebook revenues. Ebooks now comprise 22% of all sales at HarperCollins. More.


Industry Split on Ebook Pricing (The Bookseller)
A new survey of industry professionals from UK trade publication The Bookseller reveals that there are differing opinions on how much ebooks should cost.


Details on Digital Design and Production Show (DBW)
More details on Digital Book World 2014’s two-track, one-day concentration on ebook production and design, featuring educational sessions on Adobe tools, EPUB3 and more!


Amazon to Partner on Sunday Mail Delivery (Forbes)
Amazon is partnering with the U.S. Postal Service to offer its customers package delivery on Sundays. The service will be available for this holiday season but only in New York and Los Angeles initially. The USPS has said it will make similar deals with other retailers soon. Related: Amazon to Offer Trucking Service in London.


Developing World Publishers Believe in Ebooks (CRIEnglish.com)
Publishers across the developing world aren’t generating huge sales from ebooks – yet. But having seen how publishing businesses in the U.S. and UK are being transformed, they’re investing in digital.


The Four-Hour Publisher (TechCrunch)
Tim Ferriss is jumping into the publishing business with the Tim Ferriss Book Club. The best-selling author has been buying up the ebook and audio book rights to titles he likes and is selling them directly to his followers.


Setback for Dual-Screen Phone (The Digital Reader)
The dual-screen Yota phone – touch LCD screen on the front and touch e-ink on the back – won’t ship when planned. In fact, it will be delayed indefinitely. Related: New Hope for Free E-Readers?


Innovation in Scholarly Publishing (DBW)
Scholarly publishing has been changing rapidly for more than a decade, but in just the past few years major shifts have occurred in technology, marketing and communication as well as acquisitions and research.


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