High School E-Textbooks for $1 Per Year, Per Student

A new e-textbook publishers aims to disrupt the high-school educational publishing market with very inexpensive e-textbooks.

Voces, a new business line from educational resources company Teacher’s Discovery, is currently running a pilot with 650 high schools for a beginner-level Spanish-language e-textbook for $99 per year, per class (some of the company’s promotions advertise that it costs $99 per year, for all of one high school’s classes, bringing the price down to near $1 per student). The company plans on rolling out similar e-textbooks for Spanish, level two, writing and grammar, English literature and American history this summer.

“I see no reason why eTextbooks need to cost over a dollar a kid per year,” said president of Teacher’s Discovery Skip McWilliams in an email.

A quick online search reveals that new Spanish high school textbooks can cost from $5 to $25. Teacher’s Discovery itself sells educational materials for high school Spanish for just a few dollars up to several hundred, depending on the material.

The company has published a promotional video explaining and advertising the program:

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