Hebrew-Language Ebook Retail Start-up Booxilla Launches

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Booxilla, the new Hebrew dedicated digital book site utilizing the latest publishing technology is currently in Beta mode, prior to full scale launch.

Founders, Sharon Almog and Ilan Boock, want to expand the digital book market in Israel and provide a platform to promote and develop Hebrew culture through digital means. “In Hebrew digital books have not been able to properly penetrate the market for several reason, one of them been technology not in full support for Middle eastern languages the other been publishers refusal to cooperate with the new market and the opportunities it delivers for them.” say the Founders, “Technology hurdles are over with Epub3 an open standard on all platforms full supportive of Hebrew. It is time for the publishers to divert their efforts into this new and exciting market.”

In addition to converting existing titles into digital format, Booxilla will focus on the new segment of e-Singles. Novellas and essays as well as short story collections collected by well known editors by both known and new authors on a wide range of topics and interests. Prices for these titles will range from only NIS 5 up to NIS 15 (1.5-4$). “The e-Singles are one of the best ways to get users familiar with digital reading as they could reach out to quality content at low prices and could get people on board the digital wagon” says Ilan. “We have commitments for e-singles from some of the major Israeli authors including Alex Epstein, Yitzhak Ben-Ner, Assaf Gavron and Lavie Tidhar.” Adds Sharon.
Booxilla’s titles will be accessible on smart phones, tablets, computers and certain e-readers as it utilizes the Epub 3 standard that fully supports Hebrew including reading and browsing directions from right to left, punctuation and footnotes as well as having the ability to integrate other media such as music or video.

The books will be copyright protected using Social DRM specifically developed by Booxilla with the buyer’s name and means of contact being embedded in the book. In addition, a unique development of Booxilla allows inserting personal dedications into the digital book when it is purchased as a gift.

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