HarperCollins Launches Site Promoting Enhanced Ebooks

HarperCollins has launched a new page on its website to promote enhanced ebooks.

From a HarperCollins spokesperson:

HarperCollins has launched a brand new website that features the Enhanced e-books library (e-books with extra content like video, photos, and more). Here is the link: http://www.harpercollins.com/enhanced. Some books featured on the page right now are American Gods, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Telegraph Avenue, Prague Winter and more! Visit the page to watch a great video that features authors such as Michael Chabon and Colin Powell discussing their enhanced e-Books (top of the page).


This page provides exciting information on what to expect in the enhanced e-books, as well as where they are available to purchase.

The site also includes a video (below) that shows how readers have no idea what advanced ebooks, explains what they are, and then introduces viewers to the personnel at HarperCollins who help create the products. The latter half of the video is reminiscent of a series of videos from Random House that explain what publishers do.

In an era where anyone can publish a book, some question what publishers do. Houses like Random House and, now, HarperCollins have been seeking to deliver the answer to that question for authors, agents and readers.

In addition to explaining what enhanced ebooks are and how they’re made, the new site lists HarperCollins advanced ebooks with links as to where they can be purchased.

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