Harlequin Authors Laud Its New(ish) Author Portal, Author Concierge

Harlequin, like other major publishers and self-publishing services providers, is attempting to woo authors with improved services. To that end, it has launched an author portal, which will give its authors access to sales data and more.

Though the portal was launched in Oct. 2012, in the release below, Harlequin authors praise it and the company’s new author liaison, a new position at the company, filled by Miranda Indrigo.

Other publishers are improving their services to authors. Recently, Simon & Schuster added data from anti-piracy firm Attributor to its author portal.


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Harlequin Author Portal Opens Doorway to Limitless Resources for Publisher’s Writers

Harlequin Also Creates Concierge Position to Anticipate Its Authors’ Requests

This past October, Harlequin successfully launched its online author portal, the Harlequin Author Network (HAN), a powerful new resource for the publisher’s authors. With HAN, Harlequin authors—and their respective agents—have access to the most up-to-date details on their sales, can view their foreign editions, revise their biographies, update their contact information and benefit from exclusive marketing content.

“In today’s rapidly shifting publishing environment authors require more and more information, and they need it immediately,” said Loriana Sacilotto, executive vice president, Global Editorial, Harlequin. “Not only are our authors finding the portal to be a great benefit in the partnership we share, but it also ensures that they have the tools they need in this competitive publishing marketplace.”

In addition to vital business details, HAN provides Harlequin authors with exclusive access to a wealth of training and tips on promoting books, managing social media properties and breaking news regarding the changing publishing landscape. The portal also serves as a communications vehicle for Harlequin to share information about new initiatives and launches, its corporate social responsibility program, its authors’ successes and appearances and more.

Author and agent response to HAN has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive.

“I just wanted to say that it is AWESOME!” said Harlequin Romance author Donna Alward. “I loved seeing when things were being scheduled and where and, yes, had a peek at sales and was able to see that there was a real jump in ebook sales! This is really, really cool. And there’s so much else offered on the site for marketing, etc. So happy HQ has done this,” added this author of 20 novels for Harlequin.

“I’m so excited about the new site! Kudos to Harlequin for creating this,” said New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Harlequin MIRA author Brenda Novak.

“The portal is great!” said Elaine P. English of PLLC Literary agency. “It’s easy to navigate, and I love seeing the lists of foreign editions as well as total sales. I think it’s going to be a great benefit to us all.”

A key component of HAN’s success is the presence of Harlequin’s Online Author Liaison, Concierge Services—a role expertly filled by Miranda Indrigo. With more than 15 years experience as both an editor for Harlequin MIRA and in the publisher’s sales division, Ms. Indrigo is intimately acquainted with all the diverse resources that authors require in managing successful careers. With such a uniquely placed individual serving as its authors’ go-to person, Harlequin is confident that the portal will continually adapt to the changing needs of its author base.

“We have a lot planned for HAN,” said Ms. Indrigo. “We’re working on a monthly newsletter, a discussion forum, a suggestion board—a place where you can propose ideas, see your fellow authors’ suggestions and vote on the ideas you like—peeks at how the different departments at Harlequin operate and more. We believe HAN offers Harlequin authors a tremendous advantage over their competitors, and as we explore the full functionality of the portal, we expect to see the results of that competitive benefit.”

The Harlequin Author Network is an exclusive online resource for Harlequin authors and their agents.

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