Half of Cell Phone Owners Now Download Apps

Nearly all Americans now own cell phones (91%) and half of them say they use those devices to download apps, according to the latest study from the Pew Internet & American Life project.

Other primary findings of the study include:

— 81% send or receive text messages
— 60% access the internet
— 52% send or receive email
— 49% get directions, recommendations, or other location-based information
— 48% listen to music
— 21% participate in a video call or video chat
— 8% “check in” or share their location

The survey did not ask specifically about reading ebooks on cell phones, according to a spokesperson for Pew. Companies like Oyster, a new subscription ebook start-up, are focused on ebook reading on cell phones. However, according to a Pew study of reader habits in 2012, nearly 30% of ebook readers read ebooks on their cell phones at least occasionally. Considering that at that time, nearly a third of Americans had read an ebook, it can be extrapolated that nearly 10% of Americans had read an ebook on their cell phone as of 2012.

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