Hachette Set to Distribute All English-Language Ebooks Worldwide

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Hachette Book Group has partnered with our sister company, Hachette UK, in a new ebook distribution arrangement that will significantly expand our presence in English language markets worldwide.

Under this arrangement, authors who have granted world or world English language rights of their books to HBG will have ebooks in English available for sale worldwide. Ebooks will go on sale immediately in the UK, Europe, Australia, India and Africa (through HUK’s ebook retail partners) and in South America, the Caribbean, and Asia in the coming weeks (through HBG’s ebook retail partners).

Advantages of this new arrangement include selling ebooks in local currency and with local market knowledge. In addition, HBG’s ebooks will be available for promotion and inclusion in retailers’ marketing programs in HUK’s territories. Authors will receive full ebook royalties on these sales.

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  6. Dr John Skull

    Good Day,

    We are a small publisher in Adelaide, Australia. I, as author, have produced 11 ebooks in epub format. They are ready -to-go.
    The markets for them are: Secondary schools, Tertiary colleges and libraries.
    The subjects are: Art/Craft/Design, Technology ( Wood, Plastics, Metal),English Pronunciation, Cuisine ( French, Italian, Japanese), Digital Technology and
    Young children’s stories.
    The ebooks are distributed in USA by Ebsco and Smashwords and in the U.K. by Gardners.

    (I have written 14 “paper” books which have been by published by leading publishers in USA
    and UK, as well as my publishing company in Australia.)

    If you are interested in distributing these ebooks throughout India, kindly contact me.

    Good wishes

    Dr John Skull




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