Hachette Ranked No. 1 Ebook Publisher in 2013 So Far

Hachette logoIn the first quarter of 2013, Hachette managed to have 88 titles on the DBW Ebook Best-Seller list – that’s about 27% of all ebooks to hit the list.
When it comes to generating best-selling ebooks in 2013, Hachette’s nearest competition comes from the Random-Penguin duo and then, notably, from self-published authors.
That success may be due in part to the digital foundations at Hachette, built by Maja Thomas, senior vice president of Hachette Digital. Announced yesterday, Thomas is leaving the company after 22 years with Hachette.
The other story in the ebook publisher power rankings is that self-published authors had 22 hits in aggregate on the list in the first quarter (7%), beating out publishers like Macmillan (18 hits), Scholastic (17), HarperCollins (15) and many others. Also of note: Self-published authors had two No. 1 ebook best-sellers in the first quarter in 13 weeks; two more self-published ebooks have his No. 1 in the short time since the end of the first quarter.
See the full rankings.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Hachette Digital SVP Maja Thomas Leaves Company (DBW)
Maja Thomas, currently digital SVP at Hachette, will leave the company at the end of this year. Over the course of her 22-year career with Hachette, Thomas built the audio-book division, held top roles in Hachette Digital and Hachette Audio, and launched Bookish, the ebook retailer site supported by Hachette, Penguin and Simon & Schuster. Related: Hachette Digital’s Maja Thomas on Digital Revenue, Bookish and the Leaked Manifesto. 
Alexandria,Va. Most Well-Read City in U.S. for Second Straight Year (DBW)
Using print and Kindles sales data for books, magazines and newspapers, Amazon has determined that the city’s residents are the most well-read in the nation. Big cities on the list include Seattle, Atlanta and Miami.

Is Publishing Too Big To Fail? (Salon)
Best-selling author James Patterson thinks so, and he’s instigated an ad campaign encouraging the federal government to bail out the book industry. “E-books are fine and dandy,” Patterson says. His primary concern seems to lie in the cultural and literary uncertainty of our time. His solution? Well, that’s uncertain too.
Apple Sells 57 Million More E-Reading Devices in Second Quarter (DBW)
Apple’s second quarter results are out, and tablet sales are up — 19.5 million iPads were sold in the quarter alone. And, it’s worth noting that 66% of revenue came from international sales. More devices overseas means more international consumers are reading digitally.
Digital Pioneer Steps Down at OED (Pub Lunch)
John Simpson, chief editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, will retire this fall, and Michael Proffitt, the dictionary’s present editorial project director, will take his spot. Simpson is credited with keeping the OED relevant in the 21st Century.
DPL Wants to Make Digital Stable (Guardian)
The Digital Public Library of America, which launched earlier this month, is out to change what it sees as the intrinsic instability of digital content. In a world where ebooks are open to infinite revisions, edits, editions, and have no fixed page numbers and where readers don’t own the books they read, content is simply too precarious for researchers and academics.  
Scholastic Learning Zone Takes Digital Instruction Global (DBW)
Classrooms at every educational level are going digital thanks to new platforms and resources like Digital Cerebrum from Flannery and Vital Source from Ingram. This latest single sign-on interface from Scholastic offers up learning, literature, and mapping programs to students across the globe.
Ebook Glue API Makes the Blog-to-Ebook Tool Scalable (ProgramableWeb)
To date Ebook Glue serves just 3,000 bloggers. But its latest tool could allow the service to grow exponentially. Not a surprising goal, since the founder of Ebook Glue, Shantanu Bala, thinks there’s not nearly enough ebook content available. 

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txtr Expands Ebook Store Into Major English-Speaking Countries (DBW)
German e-reader manufacturer and ebook-seller txtr is now in major markets like Canada and Australia.

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