Hachette Beefs up Hyperion Staff With Publisher Hire

[Press Email]

Michael Pietsch announced to staff yesterday that HBG has hired Martha Levin as Acting Publisher of Hyperion Books. A widely respected 30-year industry veteran, Martha was Publisher of Free Press, and before that served as Hyperion’s Publisher. She knows the Hyperion list well, and will work with HBG for at least six months to publish the books under contract and fully incorporate Hyperion’s backlist into HBG’s systems. Martha will join HBG on Monday, August 5.

We have also hired Betsy Hulsebosch as Hyperion’s new Associate Director of Marketing and Publicity. Betsy has been at Hyperion for the past year, and has been deeply immersed in their publicity and marketing campaigns. Betsy brings extensive marketing expertise, both traditional and online, and is admired by the authors and agents she has worked with. Betsy will join the company on Wednesday, August 7.

Martha Levin is assembling a team to work on the Hyperion list – including an editor, designer, and support staff. Once we’ve fully incorporated Hyperion’s excellent books and publishing program into ours, we plan to make this backlist the foundation for a new division of Hachette, devoted to nonfiction, which supports our strategic goal to expand HBG’s nonfiction presence. More details to come in the coming months.


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