Guccifer Hacks Candace Bushnell

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Candace Bushnell, creator of Sex and the City, had her email account hacked yesterday.38enso

The hacker Guccifer (who exposed George W. Bush – the painter) broke in and posted the first 50 pages of the book.  Max Read at Gawker broke the story and has links to the pages plus emails between the author and her editor debating how to get the pages taken down.

Ms. Bushnell writes in one of the leaked emails, “Oh dear, this is terrible.”

I can understand her reaction, but actually feel this is not terrible, but a major opportunity. This is a chance to launch this book in a much bigger way than before.

  • Now people know she is working on a book. Sure it could be years away, but her fans get a taste of the new book. It is currently titled KILLING MONICA. The pages are not edited nor approved for consumers. But her fans know that and will be thrilled to get a “sneak peak.”
  • The first 50 pages were leaked. Her last book, THE CARRIE DIARIES was 404-pages. If this one is the same length, then 12% of the book that is available for free. When the book is finished and for sale, Amazon, B&N and Apple all will have 20% to be sampled for free. So the content will be free regardless.
  • This is great publicity for a book that isn’t even written yet. There are news stories on dozens of websites now and I am sure it will continue to spread. People will remember when the book comes out that is was the one that was hacked and released.
  • The publisher can work to take it down and spend a lot of energy fighting this or they can embrace the chaos and go with it. Once it leaks, it will always be available.  So why not work with it?

I can understand Ms. Bushnell’s reaction and feeling of being violated. No one wants to be hacked and have their personal emails posted for all to see. Plus writers want to work and craft their stories before showing to the public.  I also understand the publisher wanting to control the publication and plan the marketing and publicity. An author the stature of Ms. Bushnell will have a big and well orchestrated plan.

But the pages have been leaked and things are now different. Now could be that start of a new campaign to sell the book.

I have not read the pages and don’t plan on doing so. But I am sure many fans have and may enjoy seeing the inside of the writing and creative process.

This will probably be her biggest selling book in years.

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