Google Discontinues Google Books Ads Program

Google has discontinued a program by which it paid publishers revenue generated by text ads at the bottom of book previews for those publishers’ titles. The program wasn’t generating a large amount of revenue. The move follows a pattern observed for the past year of Google ending businesses and services that are not generating a large amount of revenue or interest (see: Google’s partnership with indie bookstores and Google Reader).

[Letter to Users]

Dear Partner,
Thanks for your continued participation in the Google Books Partner Program. As you know, this program is designed to promote your books on the web by helping potential customers discover and preview your titles.

We are constantly working to make the Google Books interface as effective as possible for you and our users. We’re writing to let you know that, as part of these efforts, we have removed the small text ads that used to appear next to your books in the Google Books preview interface. These ads typically did not produce significant revenue for participating publishers.

The strength of the Partner Program lies in its promotional value to you, and with the launch of books on Google Play in more and more countries worldwide, better revenue opportunities are available.

In light of this change, we will be issuing a final ads revenue payment for you by check in the amount of US$[AMOUNT REDACTED]. Please visit the “Ads Payment Settings” page (under the “My Account” tab) of your account to make sure the payee name and address listed for you are correct. You can update your  address directly in your account at, but any changes to the payee name should be requested Through our online form.

Please make these updates by May 8th, 2013, so we can address the check properly. We will not be sending a reminder email.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to continuing  to work with you and your books.

The Google Books Team


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