Goodreads Users React to the Amazon Acquisition

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goodreads and amazonThe big news of the day is that the world’s largest bookseller (Amazon) has acquired the world’s largest book-focused social network (Goodreads).

Because we live in the era of instant reaction through social media, Goodreads users have already posted hundreds of comments on a blog post that Goodreads CEO Otis Chandler wrote announcing the acquisition.

User Astraea is wary:

I’m a longtime Amazon customer but that doesn’t mean I approve of everything they do. I have a very bad feeling about this move. Every time one of these giant netglomerates buys up an independent site, the users get hammered with increased rules and regulations. We’ll have to wait and see.

Will Amazon subsume and "strike out" Goodreads, as some users fear?

Will Amazon subsume and “strike out” Goodreads, as some users fear? Logo treatment by Joe Encarnacion.

User Norma is happy for Chandler (who exudes excitement in his blog post), but also wary of what the future might hold for Goodreads:

While happy for you in that you see a sale as all your hard work paying off, I’m sure you’ll understand that there are many reasons for your long-time community members to be less excited. We have all experienced our favorite online corners being sold to the big guys, assured that nothing would change…and then everything changes.

I no longer read on a Kindle, so integration means nothing to me. My bigger fear is that Goodreads will become another vehicle for Amazon to attempt to continuously sell me something.

Another user, Jason, wrote a comment that responds to Norma’s general sentiment:

For those of you distressed by this news, consider that Amazon also owns IMDB (Internet Movie Database), which has remained a separate, thriving brand and site.

Many other users are excited for what this might mean for them, specifically in regards to Kindle integration.

Joanna wrote:

Awesome news. Can’t wait to see what kind of integration this will produce. Would be nice to be able to sync the books on my kindle with GR automatically 🙂


Heavy reviewers on both sites are eager to see their workload decrease:

I’m excited to not feel pressured to review and/or rate books on both sites separately. I’m assuming those will be integrated?

Jacquie added:

for me, I would like to be able to post one review and have it go to both sites


But Nook readers may feel like they’ve been left out in the cold. Amy asks,

But what about us Nookies?


In general, the comments said the following (obviously, coming from different folks who had vastly different points of view):

1. “Congratulations, Otis!”

2. “I’m wary of Amazon taking over Goodreads; I’m wary of large companies taking over the small, grassroots services I love in general.”

3. “This sucks. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to Goodreads.”

4. “This is great. I’m excited about what’s going to happen to Goodreads, particularly in relation to integrating with my Kindle experience.”

5. “What about Barnes & Noble? I love my Nook. Will Goodreads still cater to me?”

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