Giving up on Enhanced Ebooks Too Soon

quittingFor most publishers and in most cases, enhanced ebooks – those with added features like video, audio, interactivity and more – haven’t really taken off.

The examples of commercially successful projects are few and far between. Meanwhile, the examples of well-produced, innovative “media-enriched” ebooks abound.

So, what gives?

It could be the retailers and device-producers, which hold the reins on just how well enhanced ebooks work for their readers (as well as how their promoted), that are the problem. But they’re slowly coming around. And publishers shouldn’t give up hope that they will and the market will take off. For now, it’s a waiting game.

Read more. (Note: This link points to an article by David Wilk. The insights above are also gleaned from that article.)

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In the third quarter, sales at Amazon were up 24% to over $17 billion while the company still showed a small loss. Much more.


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Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed (which spent much time on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list and debuted at No. 2) buoyed the company’s results.


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New York Times Behind the Times? (GalleyCat)
The New York Times has decided to drop the hyphen from email (moving away from “e-mail” as its accepted style). Meanwhile, when the paper of record writes about ebooks, they’re “e-books.” This is one case in which DBW is way ahead of the curve.


Give an iBook (
A new patent from Apple shows that the company is preparing to enable ebook gift-giving, something already possible for the other kinds of content it sells.


Why Ebooks Haven’t Yet Taken Off in Korea (Arirang)
It’s about publishers and devices – the same story the world over. However, when there are more ebooks available to read on more dedicated e-readers, it should start to move.


Books in Browsers: Readers and Authors Leading the Way (Pub Perspectives)
It’s readers and authors who are leading the digital publishing revolution, according to speakers at the fourth annual Books in Browsers conference.


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6 thoughts on “Giving up on Enhanced Ebooks Too Soon

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  4. Jason Matthews

    I think it’s just a matter of time before enhanced ebooks will be more common, even for books from indie authors. Remember it wasn’t that long ago that people questioned if ebooks would ever be successful, so let’s not give up on their enhanced versions just yet.

  5. John @ SPi Global Flash to HTML5 Conversion

    It’s a matter of developing your ebook to be accessible by anyone regardless of the gadget they use. Make sure that your ebook can be read universally since readers want to see functionality and readability. There are a numerous possibilities for enhanced ebooks when this platform is fully utilized.

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