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shutterstock_96560155While working behind the scenes on Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing, I had the opportunity to read over Jeremy Greenfield’s interviews with ebook industry professionals several times.

And, in hindsight we could just have accurately subtitled the ebook, 19 approaches to thinking outside the book!

“Maybe we have to drop ‘books’ from the way we think.” – Ellen Archer, Hyperion CEO

Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing is an uncluttered compilation of vision and strategy for the future of what digital publishing encompasses: people and content.

The future of digital publishing means innovative opportunities and new realities for authors, editors, and readers.

“I’m interested in the success of authors, I’m interested in having great books survive.” – Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks CEO

“An editor today has to have a digital understanding, a digital knowledge or some affinity for it.” – Peter Balis, Wiley director of digital content and sales

“What is really exciting about digital books & digital publishing is that you can have an ongoing relationship with the reader.” – Molly Barton, Penguin global digital director

Digital means new incarnations for content too. And, interviews in the ebook discuss what mobile and illustrated content can deliver in the digital age.

“With digital you can move into markets that have an established mobile phone user base.” Maja Thomas, Hachette Digital

“You just have to look at the Kindle Fire, the iPad, the Google Nexus 7—to see that illustrated is evolving very handsomely” David Nussbaum, F+W Media CEO

As content producer of Digital Book World’s first ebook, my role includes having assembled the content, work product, and deliverables for this ebook as well as liaising among the team that contributed. From that vantage point I took in the importance of learning by publishing, of judiciously choosing a content conversion strategy, of ebook innovations, and of digital cover design.

Read more about what I learned from this experience in Building Digital Book World’s First Ebook: The Inside Perspective, my introductory essay to the ebook. (Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing is FREE until Jan 31st and available for sale at $5.99 after that.)

And, learn the sort of vision and strategy needed for the future of digital publishing from the industry leaders interviewed.

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