German Consortium to Challenge Kindle With New E-Reader, Tolino Shine

The new e-reader will be available on March 7 and will sell for €99 (USD $128), according to paidContent.

[Press Release, via Google Translate]

Leading German booksellers and Telekom put together in the future on the future of digital reading
— Partners promote common brand “Tolino”
— Tolino start with one of the largest e-book deals on the German market
— eReader “Tolino shine” from 7 March 2013 in the trade
— New eBook partnership across traditional industry boundaries

The leading German bookseller Thalia, worldview, and Hugendubel Club Bertelsmann and the German Telekom combine their expertise in the future of technology and trade in relation to the digital reading. The competitive ratio of the bookseller remains unaffected. While Telecom provides innovative readers and a powerful technical platform, secure the booksellers nationwide sales and expert advice. In Berlin, the companies are today their strategic partnership. She is also open to other interested booksellers. Their common goal is to be among the top names in digital reading.

The partners are focusing on the new brand Tolino. The eReader Tolino shine is 7 from the March 2013 available to all partners. It weighs less than a paperback, collects a library and has a battery that lasts longer than the holidays. Thanks to E Ink ® HD display and integrated lighting relaxed reading is possible as well in bright sunlight as in the dark.

“There was no such cooperation from leading booksellers of a speech space with a technology company, it has never been, and we break it on to completely new shores. Nowadays everyone must consider what are their strategic orientation and its strategic interest and which partners are the right ones for this to be to stand up to the mighty U.S. online giants in the joint development of viable national solutions especially in the digital domain -. in the case of Thalia and worldview for Germany, Austria and Switzerland – I see huge opportunities for each of us, “says Michael Busch, CEO of Thalia Holding.

Anita Offel-Grohmann management program, Club Bertelsmann: “Even from publisher’s perspective, the brand Tolino the right initiative at the right time: The German publishers have responded very positively to our partnership, because we’re agreed that the wide offer of is a focal point for customer satisfaction. Since the 300,000 titles of Tolino a word. Matching we have a device that plays both technically and in the handling of the Champions League. Even for people who read today digitally, reached the Tolino a new level. ”

Read two years ago, only four percent of Germans digital books on mobile devices, today there are eleven percent (BITKOM) – a rising trend.

“Together with strong partners from the German book industry, Telekom provides the leading cloud providers here a comprehensive and open ecosystem for digital books,” said Thomas Kiessling, chief of telecom innovation. “This alliance brings together booksellers passion with the technological expertise of the telecom. Cloud services are still relevant and the users of digital content to know their sensitive personal data safely lifted on the servers of telecom in the telecom cloud.”

The Tolino partnership also sets Nina Hugendubel, managing partner of Hugendubel bookstore: “The demand for eBooks is growing rapidly, the customers appreciate their eBooks to buy a book-related environment with good advice, it depends on the access to digital.. reading material as simple and convenient as possible for you. This helps considerably now that the telecom ecosystem. ”

With this step, the leading German booksellers decisive course: “The use of digital media is growing rapidly. At this momentum, we will share all. Tolino The sympathetic German brand is the future “as a synonym for digital reading, rapid availability and ease of use, so Carel Halff, chairman of the world of management. “The future of the German book industry should continue to rest with us and not listed in the hands of American corporations.”

Customer benefits: cloud storage and open system
The Tolino shine offers users many advantages: Purchased content can be stored in the telecom cloud free permanently – thus the access to eBooks from any terminal possible. His eBooks, the customer can easily wirelessly. Via wireless from home, invite over the 11,000 free use of Telekom HotSpots or in the 1,500 stores of the partners in Germany

The Tolino shine is at Thalia, worldview, Hugendubel, Der Club Bertelsmann, available in Telekom shops and in the online stores of the partners. To start over 300,000 eBook titles are available.

Tolino shine – Specifications
An ideal reader for frequent readers on the cutting edge of technology:
The Tolino shine allows thanks to its E Ink ® HD displays (6 inch, 1024×758 pixels), integrated lighting and comfortable touch control relaxed reading on paper. The battery lasts up to seven weeks, and the device memory can store up to 2,000 eBooks. It can be expanded with an SD card.

More information can be found at .

About the German Telekom
The German Telekom is using more than 132 million mobile customers, 32 million fixed line and 17 million broadband connections, one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies worldwide (as of 31 December 2012). The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers. The German Telekom is present in over 50 countries and employs 230,000 people. In fiscal 2012, the Group generated sales of 58.2 billion euros, of which more than half were outside Germany (as of 31 December 2012).

5 thoughts on “German Consortium to Challenge Kindle With New E-Reader, Tolino Shine

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  2. Michael W. Perry

    It’s not the device that gives Amazon its ebook advantage, it’s their entire ebook ecosystem. You can transfer your ebook to almost any device imaginable. You can mark passages. You can synch your reading, including text-to-speech reading. You can store ebooks online and come back, hopefully years later, to read them again. And it has what is probably the widest selection of ebooks on the planet.

    Amazon’s weakness are:

    1. They’re bullies, but few outside the publishing industry worry about that, certainly not most price conscious customers.

    2. Like everyone else in the industry, Amazon is not resolving the own v. lease question. Can you resell one of their ebooks? Can someone inherit them on your death? That’s all a blank. All Amazon offers is an anemic loan a friend scheme.

    3. Amazon uses proprietary formats, something readers have yet to realize matters a lot in the long run. An ebook is no good if your 2023 gadget won’t display it. Right now, that all depends on Amazon’s whims.

    Will Tolino be dealing with these issues or will they think they’d done enough just to have an epaper gadget on the market at a competitive price? I wonder. You can’t build a business on hating or fearing Amazon. You have to offer positives. And to compete with the 800-pound gorilla, you need a lot of positives.

    And what about authors and small publishers around the world? Serious readers want a wide selection. How easy is it going to be to release an ebook through Tolino? Is it just for a few large European publishers? If it requires special formatting or tweaks to ePub, or if it requires yet another online upload and payment maze (with international tax complications), many of authors and small publishers will stay away, particularly English language publishers. It makes little sense to make the same effort to reach 2% of a (mostly German) market as for Amazon (70%) or Apple (20%). For busy people, the return on investment isn’t worth it. And if the ebooks aren’t there, the reader isn’t going to sell that well.

    Tolino would do well to go with the ePub standard and work out cooperative sharing agreements with the major ePub vendors, including Apple and B&N, so ebooks that appear on one appear on the others. All authors and publishers need to is check a \Also distribute through Tolino\ box. That’s how Lightning Source/Ingram is handling my print-on-demand titles and that’s a delight. Check a few boxes and I not only get worldwide distribution, I get global printing.

    If Tolino is going to succeed, it can’t just be the unAmazon. It needs a bold and innovative vision of what epublishing can become.

    Michael W. Perry, author of Untangling Tolkien, Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments, etc.

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