Future of E-Textbooks Slow Growth?

digital textbookWiley closed out its fiscal year yesterday, finally free of all its trade assets. Don’t worry: It’s still a going concern.
But while many of its businesses are growing, one thing that doesn’t seem to be taking off is ebooks in its educational division. While on the trade side, ebooks were up solid double-digits in 2012, at Wiley, it was 3% growth for ebooks in the education division.
This dovetails with what we’ve observed over the past few years: E-textbook adoption just isn’t taking off. It was in the low single digits a year ago and it’s still in the low single digits.
Wiley’s management says that the investments it’s making in new business (including digital textbooks) won’t pay off until it’s fiscal year 2015, which closes two years hence. When it comes to figuring out when e-textbooks will take off, it seems like “next year” is the mantra.

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