Four Digital Lessons for Trade Publishers

shutterstock_135127550Trade publishers have learned a lot going through a digital revolution for the past six years since the introduction of the Kindle to the world.
So, imagine how much STM (scientific, technical and medical) publishers know about going digital – they have been dealing with it for decades.
In that spirit, here are four lessons that trade publishers can learn from their STM counterparts when it comes to 21st century publishing.
Probably the most important one: culture.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Global Ebook Market Lurching Forward (GigaOm)
A new report on worldwide ebook markets shows that the U.S. and the UK lead the way but some other markets are catching up fast. Here are some fun facts: Germany is set to more than double its level of ebook revenues in 2013; nearly three-quarters of Russians read ebooks but 92% of those say they get them for free.
Most Innovative Digital Publishing Abroad (DBW)
While the U.S. is leading the way for the world in terms of ebook adoption, there is some fantastic work being done when it comes to innovative digital products all around the world.
Kids Tell Parents What Ebooks to Buy (DBW)
When it comes to “education” ebooks, parents take their cues from their kids in terms of which ones to buy. Good to know if you’re trying to sell children’s ebooks.
Storia Wins Mobile App Award (Good E Reader)
The ebook platform for children from Scholastic was named the top mobile app for children at the Parents’ Choice Awards.
Digital Book Awards Deadline Extended (DBW)
“There so many wonderful digital works out there, we just couldn’t bar the gate,” said DBA program director Anne Kostick.
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Kobo to Launch in India “Soon” (Pub Perspectives)
Kobo has already set up shop in India and has started going after partnerships. Right now, ebook sales in India account for about 1% of market share.
Sainsbury’s Aggressive Ebook Sale (The Digital Reader)
Ebook price competition has gotten fierce again all of the sudden in the UK. Grocery store chain Sainsbury’s, which entered into the UK ebook market starting last year with its acquisition of HMV’s stake in ebook store Anobii, is now selling ebooks for £0.99 ($1.61).
More Manga on Kindle (PW)
Viz Media, a U.S.-based publisher of manga and distributor of anime, has inked a deal with Amazon to bring its catalog of 1,500 volumes to the Kindle platform.
Government Shutdown Could Delay iPads (Computerworld)
The new iPads set to hit the market before this holiday season may not do so in the U.S., where the government shutdown has halted all Federal Communications Commission approval of new devices. Could this affect the new Amazon Kindles, too?
Ebooks = Book Burning? (Fourth Estate Newspaper)
This ill-conceived article equates stocking libraries with e-readers and tablets with burning books.


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