Flipick to Launch New Tool to Convert InDesign to Fixed-Layout EPUB3 Files

[Press Release]

Flipick to Launch Automated Fixed-Layout ePub3 Conversion at TOC 2013

Book publishers to use Flipick to create interactive fixed layout ePub3 books directly from within Adobe InDesign®

Flipick, a Mediawide company, is all set to launch Flipick at the O’Rielly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (February 12-14). Flipick is a new online service that allows book publishers and design shops to produce their own ePub3 compatible eBooks directly from within Adobe InDesign.

This new service is quick, and capable of producing rich, informative and interactive text in an utmost cost-effective manner. Flipick is expected to be popular with publishers creating fixed-layout eBooks such as K-12 and scientific textbooks, storybooks and graphic novels in a format that dynamically adapts to disparate reading environments.

Flipick is currently offering a free Beta trial for a limited period. During this period, publishers can download the free Flipick plug-in for Adobe InDesign to add interactive content to their books. The finished InDesign book is then uploaded to the Flipick portal and converted to ePub3 format. Interactive content includes slide shows, video, hyperlinks and pop-ups.

“With the ever-increasing demand for interactive eBooks, publishers are looking for more cost-effective production,” says Ravi Dugal, President of Flipick. “And because so many books are initially designed in InDesign for print, Flipick offers a compelling, low-cost conversion process”.

About Flipick
Flipick was born out of the need of publishers to create fixed-layout eBooks more efficiently, without the added hassle and cost of manual conversion and editing of code. Based on the original concept by Mediawide, Flipick takes this concept further by adding a user portal and allowing the InDesign file to be uploaded, metadata added, then converted on the Flipick Cloud Servers. The final result is a fully publishable ePub3 file.


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