Flat Ebook Sales Reason to Panic?

panicTechnology and media companies that panic fail in the digital era. Smart publishers, not failing up until now (far from it for many of them), innovate.

With ebook sales growth flat for now, it could be a good time for publishers to consider new business models as they take a break from radically transforming their businesses into digital content machines.

It starts with ebook subscription services and libraries, which have been prominent topics of discussion and interest for publishers over the past few years, but doesn’t end there. There are also direct-to-consumer plays to consider – a growing category withing book publishing as major publisher HarperCollins has joined the fold – as well as more experimental platforms.

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Ebooks Killing Publishers? (The Guardian)
The UK’s Guardian has found that the number of book publishers that went out of business in the UK over the past year was nearly 50% more than in the previous year. The newspaper blames ebooks and discounting.


Are UK Publishers Innovating in the Ebook Era? (DBW)
In short, yes. Faber leads the way. Read more about which publishers are innovating and what they’re doing to be successful.


HarperCollins Unbound App Gives Readers Something Extra (PW)
A new app from HarperCollins will give readers of its books additional, exclusive digital content, including cooking and health-tip videos, quizzes and more.


Ebook QA: Everything You Need to Know (DBW)
QA (quality assurance) can be the difference between a perfect release and one that readers deride for its flaws online and in social media. Learn more in this Digital Book World webcast.


Publishing Start-up Survey (DBW)
Have a publishing start-up? Fill out our new survey and learn how other companies like yours are succeeding and failing in the ebook era. Full results will be presented at Digital Book World 2014.

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Zola Goes Exclusive, Raises More Money (NYT)
Ebook retail start-up Zola Books has secured $5.1 million in funding from a group of investors. The company has also secured the digital rights to sell some of Joan Didion’s most acclaimed books.


The Four Types of Authors (DBW)
When it comes to creating work and bringing it to market, there are four types of authors. Publishers need to carefully consider which of them they’d like to be doing business with. Read more.


Digital Books Nutritious or “Fast Food” for Children? (DBW)
A partnership between McDonald’s and Reading Is Fundamental to give away print and digital books brings up the question that we just can’t seem to answer yet: Are digital reading experiences just delicious or are they also nutritious for children?


Houghton Goes Public (Pub Lunch)
Shares of publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will begin trading on exchanges under the symbol HMHC on November 14 with a target price of $14 to $16 a share. The company plans on issuing 18.25 million shares.


The Power of Live Virtual Events in Book Promotion (DBW)
Platforms like Google Hangouts, Shindig and others can help authors reach a wide audience of readers – call it a virtual book tour from the comfort of your home.


Shooting the iPad (The Digital Reader)
The new iPad Air doesn’t pass the “shoot test.” Yes, there’s a video of this.

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