Five Tips to Sell More Ebooks

pathwaysEverybody wants to sell more ebooks; for some of us, it’s why we’re here. So if you’re just looking for those five tips, click here.
For those of you left: Some of these tips are known and somewhat obvious (still useful nonetheless), but one caught our eye as something we haven’t encountered before.
Tip No. 5: “Subsidize your writing costs with a sponsor.”
Some works, like business books or some nonfiction titles, lend themselves easily to this strategy, which is to find a company to underwrite the creation of the work and then give it some benefit after publication – publicity, a portion of the proceeds or something else of value.
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More Guides to Marketing (Pub Perspectives)
This one specifically for the self-published author from Joanna Penn: How to Market a Book.  
Everything You Wanted to Know About HTML5 for Ebooks* (DBW)
HTML5 and ebook expert Nick Ruffilo answers all your questions about the cutting edge programming language and how to use it to make the most spectacular digital content products imaginable.
*But were afraid to ask
Amazon’s Latest Imprint (DBW)
It’s for comics and it has a very sleek name: Jet City. George R.R. Martin and Hugh Howey are among its first authors.  
Kobo Grows, Gets New C-Level Exec (DBW)
To account for its growth internationally, Kobo has created a new position within the company: Chief marketing officer. It nabbed an LG veteran for the job.
Txtr Beagle Now Cheaper (The Digital Reader)
The e-reader that was supposed to be nearly free – then wasn’t – is getting closer. The bargain Txtr Beagle is now retailing for  €19.99 ($25.56).
Star-Studded Lineup (DBW)
Industry experts Ted Hill (digital asset management and distribution), Bill Kasdorf (editorial and production) and Ashley Mabbitt (rights and royalties management) make the marquee burn bright at Digital Book World’s latest conference, the Marketing & Publishing Services Conference + Expo.

Vital Source Integrates With Blackboard Learn (DBW)
Ingram Content Group’s e-textbook distribution play is now hooked into one of the leading learning management systems – a powerful combination for publishers who choose to take advantage.
Book Apps Shine (PW)
In advance of the fifth anniversary of the Apple app store, the company has chosen 10 apps to highlight as the best of the past five years. Two of them are book apps: Barefoot World Atlas and Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything.
App Store Lawsuit Over (C|Net)
Perhaps in a conciliatory gesture on the eve of the app store’s fifth birthday, Apple has dropped its trademark infringement suit over the use of “app store” by Amazon to describe its own app store.

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