First Five Things Amazon Should Do With Goodreads

goodreads-and-amazonNow that Amazon has its hands on Goodreads, what will the world’s largest bookseller do with it, the world’s largest book-focused social media site?
The obvious first thing that Amazon will likely tackle is integrating the Goodreads experience into Kindle and the Kindle experience more fully into Goodreads. The very first step, writes DBW blogger and founder of discovery start-up Jellybooks Andrew Rhomberg, would be to integrate Kindle previews onto Goodreads book pages.
“Kindle just got more awesome,” he writes.
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In the meantime, read the best of the deluge of Goodreads-related pieces that came out on Friday and over the weekend, curated below for you. Call this a Goodreads-themed issue of the DBW Daily. Enjoy.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Goodreads: Shocked! (DBW)
At first, it came as a shock, but then it all kind of made sense.
Goodreads: How Much? (DBW)
How much did Amazon pay for Goodreads? Between rampant speculation and the commentary of unnamed sources, we may never know. Perhaps it will be disclosed in Amazon’s next financial disclosure.
Goodreads: Five Ways This Acquisition Will Hurt the Competition (Forbes)
It’s possible that Amazon acquired Goodreads to keep it out of the hands of the competition.  
Goodreads: Why Didn’t Anyone Else Buy It? (Forbes)
Three years ago, Forrester’s James McQuivey advised one of the largest publishers in the world to buy Goodreads. Why didn’t that or something like it ever happen?
Goodreads: The Reason No Other Company Bought Goodreads (The Digital Reader)
Perhaps the reason why is that the publishers aren’t really interested in what Goodreads has to offer. There’s some evidence in the execution of Bookish that this is the case.
Goodreads: The Moment When We Became Data (Salon)
On the Goodreads Facebook page, sentiment around the Amazon acquisition is running 10-to-1 against it but they should have seen it coming, according to Salon. “Did it never occur to us Goodreads members that what seemed like a book-lover’s paradise was actually a fantastically valuable chunk of pure data just ripe for the mining?”
Goodreads: Amazon Building a Monopoly? (paidContent)
“Monopoly!” cries Scott Turow, best-selling author and president of the Authors Guild. No, he did not just advance to Boardwalk after already picking up Park Place. In an Authors Guild statement released on Friday he said that Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads is part of how monopolies are built. Thing is, he may not have much of a case here.
Goodreads: Hats Off to You, Bookish (DBW)
In a way, Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads validates Bookish’s strategy. Doesn’t mean the site, which has taken criticism on its execution, will be a success.
Publishers Hanging Tough (PW)
The fates of the big-six publishers may be indicative of the future of the industry – or at the very least instructive. So, how are they doing? Fine, just fine – and rising digital revenues are the reason.
Random House Parent Invests in Social Media (Pub Lunch)
Bertelsmann has made an investment in social networking site Food52, a site for cooks. The investment comes with the potential for a closer publishing partnership with Random House.
Kindle Fire Getting More Advanced (DBW)
A software update gives the Kindle Fire the ability to play videos embedded in ebooks. One wonders how it is the tablet didn’t have that feature to begin with.


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