Finding an Audience for Every Book

audienceMore books are being published today than ever before and the number continues to increase. At the same time, the number of readers for those books isn’t increasing at the same rate. It begs the question: Are there enough readers for all the books?

Obviously, some (ahem: most) books just aren’t going to get read. If you’re managing a publishing house or an imprint, your books not being read is just not acceptable – for you, your authors and your employees.

That’s where audience development comes in. As Jim Hanas, the new director of audience development at HarperCollins puts it: “Every piece of content…has an audience of a certain size…and audience development…is the role of building systems and maintaining content strategy that make it as easy for us to reach that audience with that piece of content.”

Every publisher probably has at least one person dedicated to this concept. Who is finding an audience for each of your books?

More in our Q&A with Hanas.

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