Fifty Shades Helps Random House to Huge Profits in 2012

RandomHouse_sRandom House racked up nearly $3 billion in revenues and over $400 million in profits in 2012, driven by huge sales for Fifty Shades of Grey.
Some 70 million digital, print and audio copies of the blockbuster book series were sold between March and Dec. last year. It dominated the ebook best-seller list throughout 2012 and, a year after its publication, the books are still appearing on the list. The company was so successful in 2012 due to Fifty Shades that it gave a $5,000 bonus to most of its 5,000 or so employees.
The phenomenon wasn’t lost on the company’s leadership. Much space in the annual report was dedicated to Fifty Shades and the company divined three lessons from its success: Do things differently; do them quickly; and continue to do everything well. Read more on the lessons the company derived from Fifty Shades.
Up next for Random House, its merger with Penguin.
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Image Credit: image via Random House


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