Ebooks Responsible for Growth in Trade

ebook-printAAP and BISG presented early data from the 2012 BookStats report yesterday at the Making Information Pay conference.

Ebooks single-handedly drove trade sales, accounting for $995 million in net new dollars last year. Total U.S. net book sales for the year were $27.1 billion. And, ebooks were 20% of trade publishing sales in 2012, up from 15% in 2011.

The complete BookStats report will be available in June and will be useful to industry decision makers, according to Ned May, VP and practice leader at Outsell Inc., who presented the data at the MIP event. May, observing the publishing industry as a newcomer, sees it being guided largely by “gut feeling and intuition” till now.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

AAP and BISG Release BookStats 2013 (DBW)
The third iteration of this report on book publishing data announces that, “ebooks are now fully embedded in the format infrastructure of trade book publishing.”

Trade Sales Up 6.9% Last Year (PW)
Total book industry sales were down nearly 1%, however. Ebook sales were up in contrast to print, which remained reasonably flat in 2012.

DOJ Not Convinced by Apple’s Ebook Antitrust Defense (The Verge)
In Tuesday’s filing, the Department of Justice described Apple’s defense as “untethered from…logic” and cited an email that Steve Jobs sent to Rupert Murdoch. Apple is set to appear next month to face the charge that it colluded with publishers to raise ebook prices.

The Big Six Will Testify at Price-Fixing Trail (Quill & Quire)
That’s the expectation, at least. Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Random House, and Simon & Schuster will acknowledge a conspiracy, according to this week’s filing.

DOJ Looks at Agency Model Prices (GalleyCat)
Ebook prices increased after publishers instated agency pricing, according to a Department of Justice document released this week. This synopsis of the document includes informative charts.

MPS Limited Acquires K-12 Service Provider (PW)
Macmillan Publishing Solutions Limited has agreed to acquire Element, a company that provides publishing services for the K-12 market.

The Copyright Clearance Center has joined the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association. The groups will now collaborate on the task of setting open access publishing standards.

Italian Book Market Down Over 4% (Libero)
For 2013, thus far, Nielson data shows that the trade market is down 4.4%. For comparison, the first four months of 2012 saw a 9.8% drop in trade. Ebooks and digital publishing are contributing to changes in the Italian publishing market. Read this item in its original Italian here.

Connecticut Bill Calls for Study of Library Access to Ebooks (AP)
Lawmakers in Connecticut are concerned about publishers’ possibly unfair business practices regarding ebooks and public libraries. If the current bill passes the Senate and is signed by the governor, the state’s commissioner of consumer affairs will have to report findings by February 2014.

Nook E-Readers Sold Out in England (Melville House)
After offering the Nook at a severe discount, Barnes & Noble has nearly sold out of the device. And the company is seeing a record-level of brand visibility, too.

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