Ebook Publicity: A Checklist for Success

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check-list_success“Packaging a book is still the critical point where marketing and publicity begins,” remarked Lucinda Blumenfeld, the owner of Lucinda Literary, in her recent comments to DBW Expert Blogger Mary Cummings. Blumfield notes that it is important to get prominent elements of your project—artwork, layout, jacket copy, pricing, and book website—taken care of early on.

Skimping on key elements of quality and branding will certainly limit media attention to your book. Sandra Poirier Diaz, president at Smith Publicity, Inc. agrees. During my recent conversation with Poirier Diaz, she shared the following checklists.

Poirier Diaz advises having these elements of your ebook and promotional platform squarely in place before reaching out to the media or even hitting the publish button for your latest manuscript.
•    Expert-level copy editing and proofreading
•    Careful cover design created with the target audience in mind
•    An expressive title (and for nonfiction, a descriptive subtitle)
•    Captivating back-cover copy
•    Professional author photo
•    Polished website (Anything incomplete or  “coming soon” won’t do when starting publicity.)
•    Social media platforms (It’s ideal to develop relationships months before a book goes on sale.)
Plus, Poirier Diaz pointed out these particular needs for a successful Amazon book page:
•    A quality book cover image
•    Look Inside Feature, letting potential readers learn about your book
•    Robust author bio with links to any social media and author blogs
•    Strong book description 
•    Professional sounding reviews, as many as possible (CAREFUL—If a reviewer notes being a friend or relative of the author, Amazon will likely pull the review.)
•    Upload author videos, a great tool to convert a viewer from a browser to a buyer. (Check Amazon’s author video guidelines.)

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  1. Pedro Carcharias

    Hello, I am looking to self publish an ebook over the next 6 months. The book is a story made of 20 poems and I am the author. The manuscript is complete and I am in discussion with a variety of service providers to get it ready for online release. I will be making the book available in up to 12 languages but I am looking to have it promoted in both English and Spanish. I am now in the process to better understand how I can work with an ebook publicist. I would appreciate any information or in fact contacts of possible publicists.


    Pedro 0448398291



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