Ebook Prices to Continue Decline?

shutterstock_110295242Did you ever think a year ago that we’d be talking about how ebook best-seller prices have stabilized just above $7.00?
Well, the average price for an ebook best-seller has stabilized just above $7.00. At the same time, there is an argument to be made that before the year is out, prices will go lower still.
The main driver could be the holidays. This will be the first holiday season when ebook retailers will have the power to discount every ebook they sell to whatever level they choose.
And this winter, like the past several, will be an important opportunity for ebook retailers to go after market share. Look for Amazon and others to get aggressive.
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The rest of the day’s top news:
Publishers Push Back Against DOJ (Pub Lunch)
The five largest U.S. publishers filed objections to the Department of Justice’s proposed remedies in the Apple ebook price-fixing case. Publishers argue – and it’s a solid argument – that by making Apple adhere to some of the requirements the DOJ set out in its punishment of the company that it would also punish publishers unfairly. Instead of being able to renegotiate their retailer contracts as they choose two years after signing those agreements, it would be five years after the Apple remedy is imposed. Seems like a bait and switch – at best – no? Related: Judge to Hold Friday Conference to Discuss Punishment.
Are the Punishments Fair? (Pub Perspectives)
Weigh in on whether the proposed Apple punishment is fair.
New Discovery Site Combines Social and Price (DBW)
NextRead, a new book discovery start-up, recommends books from among those read and liked by your Facebook community and then alerts you when the ones you want to read go on sale at Amazon.
Amazon Now Accepting HTML5 Apps (DBW)
It’s another step in the direction of HTML5 taking over as the format of choice for cutting-edge execution. The Amazon App Store is now accepting HTML5 apps. Related: HTML5 for Ebooks FAQ.
Japanese Government Fund Invests in New Ebook Retail Play (ABS-CBNnews)
An investment fund backed by the Japanese government has made a ¥2 billion ($20.7 million) investment in a new ebook retail play aimed at the Asian market. Kinokuniya Co., a content sales company, and Infocity, a software development shop, are also in on the deal, which is meant to thwart Amazon and other international competitors before they can take over the market.
Flipkart Pulls an Amazon (The Hindu Business Line)
Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer, has launched a self-publishing service. The company only started selling ebooks last November.
Sony Continues to Invest in Reader Store (Good E Reader)
Users can now pre-order titles before they’re out and Sony has also added another book discovery tool – this time based on a reader’s emotional state.
Kindle Singles in Portuguese (The Digital Reader)
Amazon has released its first Kindle Single in Portuguese.
The High Cost of Going Digital (The Independent)
In Ireland, some 22,000 school kids will be making the switch to digital textbooks this year. Parents will have to pay the heavy costs of buying the devices (iPads in many cases) and the books. A lighter schoolbag also means a lighter wallet.  

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