Ebook Prices Falling or Not?

money questionRegular readers of Digital Book World know that among ebook best-sellers in the U.S., prices are generally falling. New data coming out of Kobo show that the picture worldwide might be a bit more complicated.
Kobo’s head of content, Michael Tamblyn, told paidContent that worldwide, excluding self-published works, prices have remained pretty stable. Including all books, Kobo has observed an 8% decline in prices worldwide, though not on a smooth decline.
Two important things to note:
1. It’s unclear what Kobo’s methodology is. Is it all dollars worldwide divided by all units sold? Is it just the average of all Kobo ebook list prices? The methodology is key here.
2. Worldwide ebook sales are becoming increasingly important, especially as companies like Kobo and Amazon expand their footprints to more markets.  
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The rest of the day’s top news:
Freethy: Kobo International Sales Far Outweigh Domestic (DBW)
Best-selling hybrid author Barbara Freethy has sold about three million books in the past two years self-publishing. Lately, for every one Kobo ebook she sells in the U.S., she is selling ten internationally, and Kobo is making up a big part of her overall international sales.
Amazon to Open Doors in London (The Bookseller)
Amazon has a new space in London – 210,000 square feet, 12 floors. It should be able to hold about 1,600 employees and is could open later this year.
Samsung, Sony Eager for Ebooks; Nook, No So Much (The Digital Reader)
Samsung and Sony both have big presences at Book Expo America this year but Nook Media is not there. Why? Samsung and Sony are both eager to be in the ebook market, reps told one blogger. Nook reps, absent, were silent on the matter.
One File Type to Rule Them All (DBW)
EPUB3 offers many advantages for publishers – and some of those advantages can be realized even before retailers start fully supporting EPUB3. Hachette is leading the way in this area.
Bookish Coopting Goodreads’ Interactivity, Data? (DBW)
Bookish will now allow users to upload their Goodreads bookshelves. Is this part of an attempt to jump-start Bookish’s data-gathering efforts so it can make better book recommendations to users?
Macmillan’s John Sargent: DOJ Is Stupid (PW)
In a keynote interview this week at Book Expo America, Macmillan CEO John Sargent didn’t mince words when talking about the Department of Justice, with which his company just settled in the matter of alleged ebook price fixing. When it came to Amazon, however, he was more equivocal.

IngramSpark Main Lines Distribution for Indies (DBW)
The new service from Ingram will allow independent publishers to easily access all of Ingram’s powerful distribution platforms. What about indie authors?
Couldn’t Make BEA? Next Best Thing (Scribd/PW)
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