Ebook Price Roller-Coaster Ride Over?

roller coasterSince the summer, ebook price have been on a roller-coaster ride, lurching up and down due to competition between retailers, holiday promotions and, most notably, new contracts between major publishers and ebook retailers precipitated by U.S. Department of Justice actions.
In the past several months, however, the average price for a best-selling ebook seems to have stabilized somewhat at around $8.00. While the prices have jumped around, there is a clear trend.
Going back to the middle of last year, ebook prices rose in the late summer, fell from the fall through the early winter and have now stabilized. But why? We have a theory.
Retailers and publishers are jockeying for position among consumers who generally like and want lower ebook prices. We are now seeing some of the largest publishers experiment with discounting even newer titles. This past week, the average price of a best-selling ebook dipped below $8.00, driven mostly by $2.99 and $1.99 big-six titles.
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