Ebook Best-Sellers $3.00 to $7.99 Week Ending 1-5-13

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A price drop to $3.99 helped put Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (Hachette) at the top of the top-25 ebook best-seller list week. The title was also likely propelled by an upcoming film adaptation of the same name. The ebook is currently sporting the same cover as the movie poster.

See the rest of the the best-seller lists for the week ending Jan. 5:

Top 25 Best-Selling Ebooks
Digital Book World Best-Selling Ebooks Priced $10.00 and Above
Digital Book World Best-Selling Ebooks Priced $8.00 – $9.99
Digital Book World Best-Selling Ebooks Priced $3.00 – $7.99
Digital Book World Best-Selling Ebooks Priced $0.00 – $2.99

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Top 10 Ebook Best-Sellers | $3 to $7.99
Week Ending 1/5/13
Rank* Title Author Publisher  Price**
1/1 (n/a) Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks Hachette  $    3.99 New
2/3 (n/a) The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games Trilogy – Book 1) Suzanne Collins Scholastic  $    5.00 New
3/4 (1) The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  $    6.39 -2
4/5 (6) Catching Fire (The Hunger Games Trilogy – Book 2) Suzanne Collins Scholastic  $    5.99 +2
5/11 (4) Mockingjay (The Hunger Games Trilogy – Book 3) Suzanne Collins Scholastic  $    5.99 -1
6/15 (n/a) The Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen Chbosky Simon & Schuster  $    3.99 New
7/17 (8) The Third Wheel (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 7) Jeff Kinney Abrams  $    6.65 +1
8/24 (n/a) Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) Kami Garcia; Margaret Stohl Hachette  $    3.99 New
9/25 (10) Divergent Veronica Roth HarperCollins  $    6.56 +1
10/28 (n/a) 11/22/1963 Stephen King Simon & Schuster  $    3.99 New

* List rank for last week ebook best-sellers were recorded (ending 12/15/12) in parentheses. Rank on main list after the slash.
** Price reflects minimum price across all retailers throughout the week. Price may vary between retailers and may change throughout the week. Contact Iobyte Solutions for more information on e-book pricing.
Methodology available here.

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