Ebook Best-Seller Prices Dip as Non-‘Big-Five’ Publishers Take Precious Few Spots

sycamore-rowFor the first time in a month, a self-published title is on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list.

The Arrangement 11 by H.M. Ward (No. 18) finally broke through after planned releases and discounted best-sellers helped the “big five” publishing houses dominate the ebook best-seller list for weeks.

It was only a few months ago when it looked like self-published titles would completely take over the ebook best-seller list. In the first quarter of 2013, self-published titles appeared on the DBW list 22 times. In the second quarter, self-published titles appeared on the list twice as many times, bringing the half-year total to 66. That’s roughly 10% of all appearances on the list in the first half.

In the second half of the year, self-published titles aren’t faring nearly so well — anecdotally, that is, as the final numbers won’t be in for a few months. But four weeks with no appearances can’t help matters.

Meanwhile, the average price of a best-selling ebook dipped down to $7.99 this week after successive increases that saw it get closer to $9.00 than $8.00 for the first time in months.

Ebook best-sellers from the week ending 11/3:

Top Selling Ebooks: $10 and above
Top Selling Ebooks: $8.00 – $9.99
Top Selling Ebooks: $3.00 – $7.99
Top Selling Ebooks: $0.00 – $2.99

Top 25 Ebook Best-Sellers
Week Ending 11/3/13
Rank* Title Author Publisher  Price** Change
1 (2) Sycamore Row John Grisham Penguin Random House  $   11.99 +1
2 (1) Allegiant Veronica Roth HarperCollins  $    6.99 -1
3 (4) Ender’s Game: 1 (The Ender Quintet) Orson Scott Card Macmillan  $    3.98 +1
4 (25) Dark Witch: Book One of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy Nora Roberts Penguin Random House  $    7.99 +19
5 (3) The Husband’s Secret Liane Moriarty Penguin Random House  $    5.99 -2
6 (5) Divergent Veronica Roth HarperCollins  $    3.99 -1
7 (6) Killing Jesus: A History Bill O’Reilly; Martin Dugard Macmillan  $   10.91 -1
8 (14) The Book Thief Markus Zusak Penguin Random House  $    3.99 +6
9 (11) Insurgent (Divergent) Veronica Roth HarperCollins  $    6.99 +2
10 (17) Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics Charles Krauthammer Penguin Random House  $   11.47 +7
11 (8) Doctor Sleep: A Novel Stephen King Simon & Schuster  $   10.99 -3
12 (9) Gone Girl: A Novel Gillian Flynn Penguin Random House  $    6.99 -3
13 (10) The Longest Ride Nicholas Sparks Hachette  $   10.91 -3
14 (12) Gone (Michael Bennett) James Patterson; Michael Ledwidge Hachette  $   11.99 -2
15 (18) The Goldfinch Donna Tartt Hachette  $   10.99 +3
16 (15) Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel Lee Child Penguin Random House  $    9.74 -1
17 (n/a) Silent Echo J. R. Rain Amazon  $    4.99 New
18 (n/a) The Arrangement 11 (Ferro Family) H.M. Ward Self-Published  $    2.99 New
19 (19) Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three Of The Fifty Shades Trilogy E. L. James Penguin Random House  $    7.99
20 (7) The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus Series #4) Rick Riordan Hachette  $    9.99 -13
21 (16) Storm Front (A Virgil Flowers Novel) John Sandford Penguin Random House  $   10.91 -5
22 (20) The Fault in Our Stars John Green Penguin Random House  $    3.99 -2
23 (n/a) Two Graves (Pendergast) Douglas Preston; Lincoln Child Hachette  $    2.99 New
24 (n/a) Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) Suzanne Collins Scholastic  $    7.40 New
25 (21) David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants Malcolm Gladwell Hachette  $   12.59 -4

* Previous week’s list rank in parentheses.

** Price reflects minimum price across all retailers throughout the week. Price may vary between retailers and may change throughout the week. Contact Iobyte Solutions for more information on ebook pricing. Methodology available here.

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6 thoughts on “Ebook Best-Seller Prices Dip as Non-‘Big-Five’ Publishers Take Precious Few Spots

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  5. Elizabeth Lang

    I don’t know where these numbers come from but I’ve been tracking the top 100 Amazon bestseller lists regularly across several genres for almost two years and I know the numbers reported here aren’t true. While self-published books have done well, they have in no way even come near to ‘taking over’, not even close. I started tracking the numbers because of bogus claims by people on the self-publishing band wagon and I wanted to know the truth for myself.

    While self-publishing has done well, if you track the numbers consistently over the last two years, you will know that they haven’t grown. Yes, there will be occasional spikes, but that’s normal. There will be spikes of trad publishing numbers too, which mean nothing, unless you look at it as a whole.

    One thing about trad publishing numbers, they have been steady, not decreasing, nor increasingly significantly (except in one genre) and this report here about them suddenly doing much higher, or the self-publishers doing higher, I’d take this with a grain of salt and ask people to track the numbers for themselves if they want the truth. Trad books tend to have a longer ‘ebook shelf life’ as well, appearing on the top 100 lists for far longer than most (except for a few) self-published books.

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